Buckingham Palace: Winning Poem

Zainab Ahmed is in Year 10 at Sarah Bonnell School in Forest Gate, London

A Twist in Time

One of twelve gods of Olympus,
Son of almighty Zeus and Leto,
The sun-god
“The heart of our bodies.”
Loving, caring, giving?


One of twelve gods of Olympus,
Son of almighty Zeus and Leto,
A sun-god.
The bitter wind of a harsh winter night
Forceful, cruel, selfish!


A partnership of prosperity for him,
A partnership of necessity for them,
A partnership of ‘freedom’ for me.


Innocence directs me at first,
Through day and night,
We travel together
We are one.


We move on
Innocence seeps out
Hostility spills in
Affection is dropped like coal in a black hole


I see, I choose to be blind
Together we still move
We are warriors
Warriors of steel glided side by side
Swiftly onwards we move


Through day and night
Through winter and summer
Through hardship and ease?


People pleased
Apollo worshipped
Time moves on


People pleased
Apollo worshipped
I am overlooked




Warriors made of wood
Slowly, the we departs
The wood rots
He and I are left
We is no more


He commands,
I act,
He commands,
I complete,
He commands…


Apollo is gold,
I am ignored
Apollo stands rich and tall
Strong and bold
His foot on me suffocates me
His power is like flames on my body
His commanding voice is lava to my ears
His grasp on me is pushing me
Lower and lower
I am being drowned,
Drowned in his power, his ego –


Apollo is gold
Yet people do not see
Endured by me
Apollo can be


O oblivious people!
Can not you see?
Time is me
And Apollo is he
Our journey together can no longer be.