The colours of Enlli

The colours of Enlli:

        Red the tractor 
        Blue the sea 
        Green the grass 
        Shiny black the seals 
        White the clouds blown in the wind.

The sounds of Enlli: 

        The swish of sea 
        The calls of sheep to their lambs 
        The cough and rattle of the tractor 
        The moaning of seals on the rocks 
        The shrieks of seabirds

The smell of Enlli 

        The Salty Smell of seaweed
        The fishy smell of seals
        The sweetness of flowers
        And growing grass
        The fresh tang of the sea 

The feeling of Enlli 

        Prayers in the graveyard 
        And stories of pirates. 
        Lambs playing, children singing.
Every day, it is old and new.

The taste of Enlli 

        Salty and sweet it has always been.

- Anonymous - left in a backpack by someone - was it YOU?