If I lived on Enlli

If I lived on Enlli
My home would be high on the mountain
Where I could watch the sea for miles.

Seagulls would wake me in the morning
The choughs would tell me time for tea
Shearwaters sing in the dark night.

If I lived on Enlli
I'd never need to go to school.
I'd help with sheep or haymaking.

I could go swimming with the seals
Keep watch all day for dolphins.
I'd have my dog for company...

If I lived on Enlli
I'd be a fisherman with a fast blue boat
Called 'Corsair', catching crabs and lobsters.

After supper, my family would play cards and games
Tell stories, go out ringing birds.
The lighthouse would keep watch through all my dreams.

- Group poem with boys from Ysgol Rhosgadfan and Rhostryfan