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Poetry as Public Art
All-day seminar at the British Library, September 28 1999; related papers and articles; bulletin board.

On 6 November 1999, the Poetry Society hosted a day of discussion about the future of poetry on the internet, featuring Catherine Byron, Martin Glynn, W N Herbert, Elizabeth James, John Burnside and more.

The Library Room
Based on the Poetry on Loan project, this section of our website contains essential information for libraries on how to build an effective Poetry Place.

Poetry Residencies... beyond Poetry Places
Based largely on the model of Poetry Places, Year of the Artist is funding 1000 artists in 1000 places throughout the UK. The projects cover all artforms, including poetry, dance, music, visual arts, crafts, literature, performing arts, film, digital and combined arts. Link here for
a descriptive list of poetry-only residencies.
Young Poets Network