Poetry Residencies... beyond Poetry Places
Year of the Artist 2000

 Following on from the Poetry Places' highly succesful poet-in-residence scheme, Year of the Artist is funding 1000 artists in 1000 places throughout the UK. The projects cover all artforms, including poetry, dance, music, visual arts, crafts, literature, performing arts, film, digital and combined arts.

The website, www.yearoftheartist.com, holds details of the residencies, as well as sections such as the Lonely Arts Club (for anyone wanting to share ideas or search for partners for potential projects) and the Debate Forum (discussion of key issues in the Arts).

Below is a listing of the poetry-only projects, listed by region.

East Midlands 

Poetry Residency
A 32 week residency involving poet and climber Mark Goodwin at Beaumanor Hall, Quorn Hall International Education Centre and in North Wales. The residency will involve participants in a combination of poetry/creative writing and outdoor pursuits at Aberglasyn Hall.  


24 Hour Tescos
Poet Lisa D'Onofrio will be resident in Tescos for a period of 24 hours. The artist will display poetry instore, and record an audio piece in conjunction with young people. (28/7/00 - 29/7/00)


Breathing Spaces
Poet Stephen Watts has been commissioned by Vital Arts to work with the Health Advocacy team and their patients. Stephen aims to explore the role of language and translation within the Health Advocates work and look at how creative writing, the bringing out of personal narratives, life stories and experiences, can help facilitate a greater personal awareness amongst participants which may ultimately help them to better understand and articulate their needs. Publication of some of the material will help raise awareness of such needs and of the role of writing in healthcare settings. 

This residency involves the creation of a folm/installation, titled Homescape, directed by Rosemary Lee in collaboration with Nic Sandiland, and Chrissie Gittens exploring a sense of home with 30 primary school children in Dagenham. The resulting films will be viewed as an installation in libraries in Barking and Dagenham. (9/9/00 - 20/9/00) 

John Bently Project
The artist, John Bently, is making a book about Harrow from collected found handwriting within the borough of Harrow 'concerning the poetry of lost things'.  

Mario Petrucci - Poet in Residence
Mario Petrucci is interested in the three faces of Havering - Space, time, culture. He is in residence at The Imperial War Museum creating poems round the historical past and the present. His interest is the stratified and largely uncelebrated history of War ranging from the Roman Occupation to the Battle of Britain. A number of poems from residency and some which are site specific will be printed, framed and mounted during the summer. (1/7/00 - 2/9/00)

North West  

Art Bandit Project
Bringing poetry to the public in a city centre cafe (Cafe Pop). Hosted by Manchester's own Chloe Poems, featuring Chloe plus a guest poet each Sunday lunchtime for eight weeks. Poets: Chloe Poems; Helen Thomas; Jo Warburtin; Lorraine Darcy; James Quinn; Ali Fogg; Bill Doran; Dominic Berry; Martin Stannage. (23/7/00 - 5/10/00)  

Locals at the Imperial Hotel in Morecombe are being weaned onto a diet of beer, poetry and music - thanks to poet Boris Howarth and musician Geoff Dixon. From 1 September they will be in residence at the pub, interacting with regulars and bar staff to get material for their weekly Thursday performances. The residency has unearthed a wealth of local writing talent including one man, who has secretly written poetry for 30 years and is now so inspired that he takes part in poetry readings. On October 4 visitors to the pub will be treated to an evening's entertainment in the style of a TV chat show. The last performance is October 11th. (1/9/00 - 31/10/00)  

James Quinn Project
Hollyoaks actor turned poet James Quinn starts his 11 week residency at Strangeways Prison in Manchester on 9 October along with musician Tayo Akinbode. By using solo, face to face sessions as well as larger group work, James aims to unlock the stories prisoners have to tell. Each prisoner who completes the course will receive a certificate - and there will be a presentation of work, by the prisoners, just before Christmas. (9/10/00 - 2/1/01)

John Carley - Pennine Poetry List Project
Maybe you WRITE poetry, or just like to READ poetry, Maybe YOU teach POETRY, or WANT to explore poetry. MAYBE you eat, sleep and drink POETRY. If you THINK it does MATTER maybe you should find out MORE. British poets John Carley and Helen Clare invite your participation in the Pennine Poetry Works, an open-access email forum dedicated to the discussion and criticism of contemporary English language poetry. Intended primarily for peer group review of work-in-progress, the Works will also host The Studio, its own website, and publish Worm - a bimonthly free-email magazine. The Works is just a keystroke away. You can sign on at [email protected]

(1/6/00 - 30/5/01)  

Louise McKenny Wallwein Project
Performance poet Louise Mckenny Wallwein will work with the youth of three regenerating communities in Manchester to create a physical poetry performance to be transmitted on the radio. (1/12/00 - 31/3/01)  

Phil Hargreaves Project
The artists will be writing and workshopping an extended piece combining Dinesh Allirajah's poetry with improvised music, leading to a performance and recording. The aim is to create a composition which thoroughly integrates the two artforms. (1/10/00 - 30/4/01)  

RAIS Academy
To organise literature (poetry) workshops with an Asian disabled people group and Asian womens gorup to create the poems and writings. All the produced work will be published in our magazine "BAADAB". Poets: Sabir Raza, Salnaia Shafquat. (15/7/00 - 12/8/00) 


Great North Run Poetry Residency
Andy Croft will be in residence during the Great North Run on Sunday 22 October and in the few days leading up to it. He will compose an epic poem about this year's Great North Run and plans to write about the 40 000 people who have been training hard for months: the organisers, the spectators and the heroism and the dottiness of the day. He also wants to put together a book of writing about the Great North Run. (1/9/00 - 31/10/00)  

A poetry film from Sean Burn / Andrew Hardie exploring coffee culture, arts, politics and philosophy, filmed in Coffee Republic, central Newcastle.  

Hexham Races
Poet and writer Keith Armstrong and visual artist Kathleen Sisterson are collaborating on a residency that focuses on Hexham Racecourse - a small course run by local people and set against the dramatic landscape of the Northumbrian Hills. They will capture the atmosphere of a day at the races and will focus on the various characters involved in it. As part of the residency they will interact with jockeys, staff and punters, poems will be read out over the tannoy. (29/09/00 - 1/5/01)  

Waking up to the Birds
Creative writing workshops, photography, poems and a sound installation at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust on the theme of migration - visitors, rather than birds, being the focus. Poet: Subhadassi (1/6/00 - 31/8/00)  

Writers in Residence at the Wordsworth Trust
The residency will offer poets Paul Farley and Matthew Clegg a unique opportunity to further their artistic development within the context of all that the Wordsworth Trust represents.  

Something for the Weekend?
As part of word4word, Durham Literature Festival 2000, the poet Clare Pollard, is undertaking a short residency with Toni an dGuy, hairdressers. She has been commissioned to produce challenging fun poetry that engages staff and clients. (3/6/00)  

South East

Attila the Stockbroker Project
Attila the Stockbroker - Social surrealist multi-instrumental hardcore wandering minstrel...sharp-tongued radical poet, singer-songwriter, musician and composer.  As well as regular short poetry slots over the PAS before home games of Albion, the artist will be running a series of writers groups during the first half of this season, leading to the publishing next year of a new book of Albion supporters writing.

The aim of the book will be to follow on from 'More than Ninety Minutes' and 'Build a Bonfire' - celebrating the history of the club and 'our' own history as fans, and looking forward to the future after the battles and tribulations of the past.

Everyone is welcome to submit contributions: all ages, all styles, humourous or serious, poetry, prose - you may be a professional writer, a contributor to a fanzine, someone who has aiwys thought you should make the time to write your 'Albion Memoirs' or someone who has never contemplated such a thing until now. It's open to all. The only criteria is that the work should be Albion related, and submissions should be no longer than 1000 words (though they can be shorter). Although the focus is on new writing, if you have already written a piece for a fanzine and would like it to be included, this is OK. Anyone who simply wants to submit a contribution can bring it to the PA box at a home match, send it to John Baine at P0 Box 668, Portsiade, East Sussex, BN42 4BG, or email [email protected]

Dance Studio Poetry Residency
This project will see a poet resident in dance studios to stimulate new work, explore cross-art forms, invite collaboration between text and dance. Final focus of the project will be a new poetry collection and public performance of poetry and dance. Loop Dance Company; Masque Theatre School; Jugnu Bhangra Group; Carousel.  

Filmed Poetry Residency
Filmed poem with group of young settled travellers in Upper Beading, near Worthing, Sussex. Film maker (Mark Scarratt) and poet (Jackie Wills) working together with West Sussex Youth Service.

This is a greenspace residency involving ten separate days during which poet Joan McGavin will be researching through visits to the Common and contact with various adjacent institutions, the life of Southampton Common. Possible outcome would be a small collection of say, ten poems linked to the common, plus walk or exhibition at 2001's Flower and Balloon Festival on the Common. (1/1/01 - 1/5/01)  

Water/changes: As an artist (and former environmental scientist) Anne Halliday plans to make a visual and poetic response through photomedia and text, to the water cycle, based on waste water treatment.  

Sussex Rehabilitation Workshops
Bernedette Cremin, performance poet will undertake a series of workshops with stroke and head injury patients using primarily spoken word to transcend any physical difficulties they are experiencing.  

South West  

Pirate Poems
Bernard Hebb will create a work for radio based on a series of poems that deal with memory, gender, childhood, parenting and what it might mean to be a man.  

Poet-in-Residence for Torbay
The residency aims to stimulate interest in poetry in Torbay. The main emphasis will be on appreciation of poetry as a pleasurable art-form. Resident poets William Oxley and Patricia Oxley will be sharing their experiences with aspiring writers of poetry. 

Two events which are taking place are:

POETRY AND SONG - featuring Paul F Cowlan (former employee of Exeter Cathedral now based in Goethe's birthplace in Germany, a poet who sings and recites his way around Europe); John Miles (Torbay poet and actor whose work delights in wit and verbal dexterity); Christopher J P Smith (based in Swansea. he is a leading authority on Robert Southey and the Lakeland Poets. But his own poetry combines an ironic eye for the contemporary with a genuine love of nature.) Wednesday, 30th August 2000 at 230pm at The Rehearsal Rcom, The Little Theatre, St Marks Road, Torquay. Admission £2.50/£2.00

VOICES FROM THE GALLERY FROM THE TATE TO TORBAY- Dannie Abse is a world-renowned poet and novelist, as well as a doctor of medicine. Joan Abse is a distinguished art historian and leading authority on the painter John Ruskin. They will present a special eveing of poems and paintings. At the behest of the Tate Gallery, they assembled a successful anthology of famous prints and poems, 'Voices from the Gallery', subsequentiy turning it into a highly praised touring event of words and paintings. In a talk with slides and readings they demonstrate the long-standing relationship between two of our foremost art forms Taking place at Torre Abbey, Torquay on Thursday September 14th at 700pm. Tickets £5.00/£4.00 (including free glass of wine)

Chapter and Verse
James Harpur will be the poet in residency at Exeter Cathedral. He will be participating in the life of the Cathedral in all its aspects and immersing himself in its rich history, art and architecture. James will be holding drop-in poetry surgeries as well as a series of six poetry workshops themed around the cathedral and spirituality in general. (1/12/00 - 3/15/00) 

Out of Silence
The setting and performance of poems on the themes of silence and non-silence. Lawrence Sail has selected ten locations, including a Buddhist Nunnery, Exeter's Underground Passages and a hot-air balloon, in which to encounter silence. (3/12/00)  

Poetry Platform
An innovative residency brings together live poetry performance and new audiences in public places - outdoor swimming pools, indoor shopping centres, car parks and recycling centres. A visual artist will run an associated poetry poster campaign, spreading the words across the Mendips. Poet: Shaun Jackson.  

The World in our Woods
A multicultural community arts and environmental project. The artists will work with children from various schools in Bristol, including blind and visually-impaired children, to create dance, poetry and colourful banners throughout spring and summer, culminating in a day or performance in Leigh Woods. Artists: Medea Mahdavi, Glen Eastman, Philip Gross, Andy Sheppard.


Poetry in Bucks
Poet Christopher North will work from October to March at the Bucks Free Press Offices in High Wycombe. He will lead staff workshops, write a weekly poetry column with on-page critiques and a poem of the week from a local writer. The residency will also include a Bucks Poet of the Year competition, which Chrisopher will run. He will also get a chance to explore his interest in Bucks' poetic history. The launch of this residency will coincide with National Poetry Day on 5 October 2000. (7/5/00 - 7/4/01)  

River Poet
Poet and Henley resident Jane Draycott will be working at Henley's award-winning River and Rowing Museum for 6 months from December. Working with staff, visitors and local schools, she will develop a sound and poetry portrait of the Thames as a working river, the people who manage and care for it and its effect on all our lives. In addition, the Museum will be staging an exhibition of 18th and 19th Century images of the working river during the residency. (1/12/00 - 1/5/01)  

Circle of Sound
Artists: John Cane, Mark Turauskis and a poet. The three artists will collaborate on a project which combines the human voice, violin and poetry with sampled sounds (natural and treated). Pupils from the Castle special school will be involved in the sampling process, pupils from Trinity school will be involved in performing the voice element. (1/1/01 - 1/5/01)  

Oxford Brookes University Project
Staff and students at Oxford Brookes University can listen to and even write their own poetry as part of this year-long residency across three very different University departments: English Studies, Health Care studies (based at the John Raddiffe Hospital) and History of Medicine. (1/9/00 - 1/8/01)

 Poetry in Village Shops
Normally desk-bound town-based poet, Marcus Moore, will spend ten days apiece in each of five village shops in rural Oxfordshire. Championing the countryside as a place where quality art can and does exist, Marcus will hold workshops, give impromptu and planned poetry 'slams' and get shoppers involved in their own poetry. Living in the villages and getting around by public transport, he will work with local W.l groups, British Legion Clubs, pubs and social clubs, producing a special poem for each village. (1/3/01 - 31/5/01)

Poetry Residency at Devizes Museum
Rose Flint is fascinated by our early history, and her poetry residency in Devizes Museum will bring history to life, transforming tantalising pieces of history's jigsaw into poetry. Devizes Museum, which boasts one of the best collections of Neolithic and Bronze Age artefacts in the country, is described by Rose as "a place full of untold stories". Working with local schools and the community, Rose will look back to life in Wiltshire more than 2000 years ago. (6/11/00 - 1/9/00)  

Polly Clarke at the Southern Daily Echo
Poet Polly Clarke will bring poetry and creative writing to readers of the Southern Daily Echo across the South from September. For six months, Polly will work in residence on the newspaper, with her own weekly poetry column. She will also be writing poems about the latest news stories, interviewing local writers, giving advice to readers on their own poetry, running competitions and exploring the South's literary heritage. (1/9/00 - 29/2/01)  

Poetry and pints is one of the themes that Janie Hampton will explore as she takes up her residency at the Marsh Harrier pub in Cowley next January. Every Thursday from lunchtime until last orders, Janie will mix with the regulars in this popular community pub, inviting customers to discuss their writing, encouraging them to write, setting up writing and reading groups and running competitions. Janie's aim is for her customers to find out that writing is not just for geniuses and academics. (1/1/01 - 31/3/01) 

Susan Utting Writing Project
Wokingham is to get its own Community Poet Laureate! Prize-winning writer Susan Utting will work with a range of community groups over a period of 12 months, taking poetry into the community and creating new work to celebrate local events and the life and times of the community. Keen writers will also benefit from her poetry 'Surgeries' in libraries, bookshops and community centres.

UNDER A SMALL MOON - Poetry reading in Peach Street by Susan Utting, Saturday 14 October, 2-4pm

NATIONAL POETRY DAY - Saturday 7th October celebration with poets from all over the district. A medley of styles, subjects, rhythms and rhymes from a line up of local poets reading their own work. 2pm in the Library, Denmbark Street, Wokingham

FESTIVAL 2000 OPENING NIGHT - At Arts Festival 2000 opening night, Susan Utting will be introducing young prize winning poets from the district, and reading her own work, inlcuding a poem commissioned for the Festival Opening, entitled "The Start". (1/6/00 - 1/5/01)  

Life on the Common
Dog walkers on Southampton Common, homeless people who sleep rough there, regulars at the Cowherds Inn, people on their way to or from Hawthorns Wildlife Centre or the cemetery, work or school. All these people will encounter poet Joan McGavin as they use the Common and its environs everyday. From January to May, Joan will talk to them about why they use it, how they feel about it, and will use their stories and ideas to produce an anthology of writing about it.

West Midlands

Poet in residence in bingo halls
With support from Wolverhampton MBC the poet laureate contender and Whitbread poetry prize winner Carol Ann Duffy will work within selected Casinos and Bingo Halls across Wolverhampton. She will explore the image laden and metaphor rich world of the gambling industry which the government recently claimed forms part of the wider leisure experience for a growing number of people. Carol's findings and experiences will be shared and reported back to a wider reading audience through a short series of complementary readings and workshops at venues including the Arena Theatre, Bantock Museum, Little Civic Hall and libraries.

Yorkshire & Humberside

Haiku Connections
Haiku is poetry rooted in everyday life. Two established Haiku poets, Martin Lucas and Fred Schofield, will help members of the public to release the poetry of their daily experience and shape it into Haiku form. They will then link these individual verses to create a renga, a chain of poems creating a vivid mosaic of experience and imagination, It will be published as attractive posters as well as in pamphlet form. The event will be repeated at venues in Yorkshire and Lancashire between September 2000 and May 2001. You can book in advance or just walk in off the street. (1/9/00 - 31/5/01)  

Poetry in Motion
A poet in residence will travel with the mobile library around the northern rural villages of the Borough of Scarborough. The artist's experience of the journey and their interaction with visitors to the library will be documented and explored in the poetry produced as a result of this residency. As they are created these poems will be presented to the mobile library and its visitors as handouts, posters and as poetry readings if appropriate. (1/8/00 - 6/9/00)