What shall we do with the Poetry Places Plaque?

Sue Richards wrote this poem for Charles Johnson, Library Manager of Redditch Library, Worcestershire and Editor of Flarestack Publishing. She belongs to a group called 'poetry weave', led by David Hart. Members of the group make gifts of poems to people and places in and around Birmingham. Amongst others, poems have been sent to a beekeeper, the new Birmingham Poet Laureate, the manager of Tyre Sales, Clare Short, a monk, a Museum Assistant at the Art Gallery and a school.


Plan a feast to celebrate its arrival.

Permit the public to see it by appointment.

Pack it up so poets can play pass the parcel with it.

Pop it in a book of Peter Porter's poems to surprise a reader.


Pay obeisance to it every day at the Poetry Shrine.

Pinch one from another Poetry Place to make up a pair.

Peep at it through a grill that protects it from Goths and Vandals.

Patrol with it when catching poets not working diligently.


Parachute it into the populace as they go about their prosaic lives.

Parade it through the town with a retinue of poets.

Penalise overdue readers by not letting them see it.

Pay a fortune to have a golden cask made for it.


Plant a paper birch and a pencil cedar in its honour.

Police it by day and by night so no-one will write graffiti on it.

Place a picture of it on every building in Redditch.

Put it on the wall at the Poetry Place.