Linda France at Sunderland City Library & Arts Centre

The City of Sunderland has an ongoing commitment to Public Art with particular eperience and expertise with residencies involving close community consultation, having just completed a six-year residency for Art on the Riverside which involved stone carvers, blacksmiths and a poet. For this project, Linda France was selected to create a poem incorporated into the City Library. As part of her commission, based in the City Library and Arts Centre's Local Studies Centre, she ran consultation sessions and workshops with schools and history groups in Sunderland to develop ideas which would inform the content of the work.

Linda France

Poet and collaborator in public art projects, Linda France lives and works as a poet in Northumberland, including a position as Poet in Residence at Mowbray Park in Sunderland. She has three collections from Bloodaxe Books: Red (1992), The Gentleness of the Very Tall (1994) and Storyville (1997). She also worked on various collaborations with visual artists, many of them in the field of Public Art in wood, stone, stained glass, ceramic and bronze.

  • Linda France's report (including poem)