Simon Rae at the Warwickshire County Cricket Club

This was a 20 day placement which took part between July and October 1999 for a poet to work with others in an artistic team focusing on Warwickshire CC's new Indoor Cricket Centre.

Simon Rae

Simon Rae's most recent collection is Gift Horses (2006), his other work includes The Face of War (1999, with cartoons by Ronald Searle) as well as Soft Targets (illustrated by Willie Rushton) and Rapid Response, both compilations of his regular  topical poems for the Guardian. He has edited a number of anthologies, including News That Stays News and The Twentieth Century in Poems (Faber, 1999). He won the National Poetry Competion in 1999, the same year his first stage play, A Quiet Night In, was performed in Bristol and London. He has gone on to write three more plays: Grass, Hamlet: Cut to the Bone and The Life and Crimes of President Ubu.