JUNE 2009


Massacre at Sakiet III by André FougeronAndré Fougeron
Massacre at Sakiet III 1958
© The estate of the André Fougeron
97.0 x 195.0 cm 

Andy Croft presents his poem, 'Massacre at Sakiet', based on André Fougeron's Massacre á Sakiet III.
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       Massacre at Sakiet
After André Fougeron’s Massacre à Sakiet III
How well we know these careless faces -
The naked bodies in a heap,
The ecstasy of death’s embraces,
The young boy smiling in his sleep.
Since they were murdered in Tunisia
In ’58, Death’s gotten busier;
Collateral damage is now the norm
From Palestine to Desert Storm.
We recognise these peaceful features
So well we barely catch our breath;
Who are so intimate with death,
We know their murders barely reach us.
But most of all we know whose boots
Stand guarding over empire’s fruits.

ANDY CROFT’s books of poetry include Nowhere Special, Gaps Between Hills (with Mark Robinson), Headland, Just as Blue, Great North, Comrade Laughter, Ghost Writer and Sticky. He has edited the anthologies Holme and Away, Speaking English, Red Sky at Night (with Adrian Mitchell), North by North East (with Cynthia Fuller), Not Just a Game (with Sue Dymoke) and Night Shift (with Jenny Swann and Michael Baron). He writes a regular poetry column in the Morning Star and runs Smokestack Books.

Andy was the organiser of the Poetry Society Stanza event at Ormesby Hall, outside Middlesbrough, on 9 July 2009. He read alongside other local poets and the distinguished US poet, Frank Reeve, who was accompanied by two jazz musicians. Ormesby Hall is one of the many National Trust sites to host Poetry Society Stanza events throughout the year. For more details of this event and others, please visit http://www.poetrysociety.org.uk/content/events