Olden Times


One time my nana worked in Kolkata on a Jahaj.


The Jahaj was as big as 10 sharks. It was hard work there

for everyone. They were cleaning the mess and checking

if the ship was alright.


That’s what my mother told me.


My nana was the manager but he got fed up with the work.

So he made a secret plans with his friends. They decided to

jump ship. There was oil for the Jahaj to run the engines.

One of his friends stole the oil, another one stole a kolshi

that was being used for Pani.


When the guardians of the Jahaj were asleep at night

all the friends gathered near the front of the Jahaj. Then

they put oil on their bodies and shoved their kapor inside

the kolshi and covered the face of the kolshi with carrier

bags so that water won’t come inside and make it wet.


And they jumped off the ship.


They swam to the side of the shore. Then they dried their

bodies with gamcha. After that they wore the dry clothes

they’d pulled out of the kolchi.


After a few days they came to East London Brick Lane

and he worked in the factories. He made lots of money &

went to Bangladesh. he got famous. He bought jomi,

shop and buildings.


In 2002 he lost everything except for the shop. Because

new people took his things away from him. But his son, my 

uncle, worked hard again and made a lot of money to get

everything back. So he did. And my nana was happy
                                                    again, like before.