News: 23 December 2011

A statement from the Board of Trustees:

During the summer of 2011, there was a good deal of publicity about the affairs of the Poetry Society in the mainstream media, on blogs and in the social media. Much of this was inaccurate and some of it was hurtful to staff, including both Judith Palmer and Fiona Sampson. The Board of the Poetry Society elected in September has reviewed these events, as part of the process of taking up the reins of the organisation. 

The Board recognises that distress was caused to, and reputational damage may have been suffered by, those involved. Undoubtedly this created a good deal of personal strain. Unfortunately, problems of governance were reported wrongly as a purely personal dispute. The Board regrets the misleading aspect of much of what was written.

The Board looks forward to continuing to work with both Judith Palmer as Director and Fiona Sampson as the Editor of Poetry Review.

Shanta Acharya, Martin Alexander, Robert Hutchison (Deputy Chair), Sir Stephen Irwin (Chair), Kona Macphee, Heather Neill, Paul Ranford, Michael Schmidt, Laurie Smith, Dr Stephen Wilson.

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