Poetry Quiz: Carol Ann Duffy

To mark Carol Ann's appearance in Poetry Review 99:2 (launch: week commencing 22 June 2009), here's 25 questions you may, or may not, be able to answer. 

Try not to refer to Google or Wiki, but by all means read her books!

1. Which Duffy poem appears in the BBC’s ‘Nation’s Favourite Poems’ anthology?

2. In 2001 Duffy edited an anthology of love poems in which contemporary poets choose a poem of their own and one written by the opposite sex. What’s the title of the anthology and from which poet was the title taken?

3. Who is both the subject of a Duffy poem in ‘The World’s Wife’ and a controversial song on The Smith’s first album?

4. What award did Duffy win for ‘Whoever She Was’?

5. The Guardian newspaper ran a long poem by Duffy in December 2008, a pastiche of which Victorian story?

6. In which Duffy collection can you find the following preface (from Shakespeare’s ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’) ‘Now no discourse, except it be of Love; / Now I can break my fast, dine, sup, and sleep / Upon the very naked name of Love.’?

7. In her first interview after being awarded The Poet Laureate role in May 2009, Duffy announced she will be donating her annual fee to which organisation?

8. Why might the last line of Duffy’s ‘Prayer’ be changed if she wrote it today?

9. What is the link between the subject of a poem from ‘The World’s Wife’ and fellow poet Ruth Padel?

10.‘But afterwards we wondered / why the infant did not cry. And why the Mother did.’ Which mother and baby is Duffy referring to?

11. ‘Rounds’ is a ‘concrete’ poem - in the shape of what?

12. Why was Duffy’s poem ‘Education for Leisure’ in the news in 2009?

13. In 1995, ‘Penguin Modern Poets Volume 2’ included selections from Duffy and which other 2 poets?

14. Allium cepa is the Latin translation of a vegetable that appears in a Duffy poem – on what day of the year does Duffy 'give us' this vegetable?

15. Duffy edited ‘Answering Back’, in which contemporary poets choose a poem that has meant something to them, and write a poem in response to it. Which poet did Duffy write a poem in response to?

16. What links the title of a Duffy poem to a hit song for Elkie Brooks and Ariel’s song from ‘The Tempest’?

17. Which singer performs a hit song for ‘The Kray Sisters’? What’s the song?

18. What links Duffy to a 1984 Mike Leigh film starring Tim Roth, Phil Daniels and Gary Oldman? Why?

19. Which Duffy poem begins ‘A one a two a one two three four’ and ends ‘(A woogie wop a loo bam) yeah yeah yeah.’?

20. Which Duffy poem includes the following lines: ‘In the tea leaves / I can see the Queen of England gazing / on my shape. Magnificent, she murmurs, / moving on. It makes me laugh.’

21. Who links Duffy to Brendan Gallacher?

22. The day after Duffy’s appointment as Laureate, The Guardian newspaper published new work from her favourite women poets. Name 3 of the poets.

23. For which collection did Duffy win the TS Eliot prize?

24. Which 2 honours has Duffy received from the Queen (not including the Laureateship)?

25. Which Duffy collection ends with the following lines? ‘I hear the bird sing its song, / piercing the hour, to bring first light this Christmas dawn, / a gift, the blush of memory.’