Headlines Quiz - The Answers

1. Train enters station. Nothing happens Adelstrop / Edward Thomas

2. The Sun gets complaints The Sunne Rising / Donne

3. Tennis. Dancing. Marriage? Subaltern’s Love-Song / Betjeman

4. You don't bring me flowers. Hurray! Flowers / Wendy Cope

5. Girl loves boy - in more ways than one from Sonnet from the Portuguese / Elizabeth Barrett Browning

6. Get lost! Ask how One Art / Elizabeth Bishop

7. Nobody's in. Or are they? The Listeners / Walter de la Mare

8. Hurry up, love! To His Coy Mistress / Marvell

9. A view from a bridge Upon Westminster Bridge / Wordsworth

10. Various boats. Various loads Cargoes / John Masefield

11. Nothing lasts forever e.g. this statue Ozymandias / Shelley

12. Hull to London Whitsun Weddings / Larkin

13. Horse loses tail Tam O Shanter / Burns

14. Weaver in boat-death mystery Lady of Shallot / Tennyson

15. God! Big cats are amazing! The Tyger / Blake