Poetry Pub Quiz

On National Poetry Day, 6 October 2011, the Poetry Society held a poetry pub quiz at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden. Here are the questions - feel free to use them for your OWN poetry pub quiz.

Answers here

1. HAVE I GOT POETRY IN THE NEWS FOR YOU? 1 point per correct answer
1. In Jan 2011 Liz Lochhead was elected as what?
2. Who played Allen Ginsberg in the 2011 film ‘Howl’?
3. Collections by 2 poets were included in the 2011 World Book Night – one was by Carol Ann Duffy, name the other poet
4. Geoffrey Hill was elected Oxford Professor of Poetry in 2010 – who was the previous Oxford Professor?
5. Philip Levine took over what post in August 2011?

2. THE PRICE IS RIGHT 1 point per correct answer
1. The City of London Corporation paid £96,000 in 2011 for a letter written by a poet – who was the letter written to?
2. Which poet’s archives were bought by the British Library for £32k in 2011?
3. Edwin Morgan left nearly £1m in his will in 2011 to which organisation?
4. What’s the total value of prize money handed out at the Forward Prize?
5. Finish this quote from poet Robert Graves: “There's no money in poetry, but then..."

3. BLANKETY BLANK: 1 point per correct answer
Fill in the missing word from these famous poems.
1. Two roads diverged in a yellow [blank]
2. They took some honey, and plenty of money / Wrapped up in a [blank blank blank]
3. And was the holy [blank of blank] / On England's pleasant pastures seen?
4. When I am an old woman I shall wear [blank]
5. If you can meet with [blank and blank] / And treat those two impostors just the same

4. RHYME WATCH – 10 points
In an envelope I have written down a word that rhymes with 'HUNT'. Write down the word you think I've chosen. 10 points if you guess guess correctly.

5. FAMILY FORTUNES – 1 point per correct answer
1. Cole Porter wrote 'You're the top, you're an ocean liner, / You're the top, you're Margaret Vyner.' Which poet is Margaret Vyner’s son?
2. What relation is poet Annie Freud to psychoanalyst Sigmund?
3. How is ‘My Left Foot’ related to the poet laureate 1968–1972?
4. Poet Tess Gallagher married another poet more famous for his short stories – who?
5. What was the first name of W B Yeats’s younger brother, an important impressionist painter in Ireland?

6. WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? – 1 point per correct answer
1. Tennyson’s line from Ulysses: "To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield” will be inscribed on a wall at which sporting venue next year?
2. In Larkin’s This be the Verse, what line precedes ‘And don't have any kids yourself'?
3. In Wordsworth’s poem, My Heart Leaps Up, what are ‘bound each to each by natural piety’?
4. What 1967 film shares its title with a novel published in 1874 and an extract from a poem published in 1751?
5. In what year did the poet die who wrote the lines: “The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall;/ Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,/ And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.”?

7. WOULD I LIE TO YOU? – 1 point per correct answer
True or False
1. In 1983 the current Pope published a collection of poetry - under his real name Joseph Ratzinger - which roughly translates as ‘The Rhythm Method’.
2. The original title for Andrew Motion’s 2006 autobiography ‘In the Blood’ was going to be ‘Poetry in Motion’.
3. ee cummings, Anne Sexton, Stanley Kunitz, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Bishop, and Robert Lowell were all born in the same US State.
4. Derek Walcott is related to Theo Walcott, the Arsenal and England footballer.
5. Simon Armitage is older than both Don Paterson and Glyn Maxwell.

8. X FACTOR – Max 20 points
One of each team to recite a poem. The other teams to decide how many points to award. Maximum of 20 points.