#1: Love and Railways...

Guest Editor: Julia Rampen

Welcome to the first issue of the Young Poets Magazine. I have tried to compile an inspiring read, that provides a forum to bring young writers together.

As poetry can be very subjective, I approached my selection with trepidation, and I believe that the poems picked me as much as I picked them. Elizabeth Francine Tan’s images of sparse nocturnal travel crept into my imagination, whilst I was struck by Callan Davies’ down-to-earth observations, and I was pleased to find certain themes returning: love and railways.

Editing the pages has made me want to sit down and write. I hope it makes you do too.

Julia Rampen

Read here about how Julia was first inspired by the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award.


Two poems by Julia Rampen:
Storm & Crane-driver

Elizabeth Francine Tan:
at night & the stadium at night

Callan Davies:
Care Taken & Country Bumpkin Sonnet & Pyrenees &

St Patrick's Day

Jiayi Huang:
Journey to School

Cedrik Kavanagh:

a poem for when words are not enough

Ben Leverett-Jaques:

the see-ing of fish

Jessica Mattler:

Push Further

Howard Horner:

Howard Horner is a monster

Chu Ting Ng:

Mobile Abattoir

Rosie Hamilton:

Inspired by Tulip



Early in 2008 we held a small gathering for Youth Members in the Poetry Café in Covent Garden. Young Poets from both the Londonwide Slam and the Foyle Young Poets Competition came together to read their poetry. You can listen to some of the results below.


Two poems by Phoebe Amis:

The Wall & Puppy Called Puberty

Two poems by Chinedum Nwonkonkor:

Heartless Amazon & Black Iris


Two poems by Adham Smart

Manichea & New Mechanics

Jing Zhu

Hope is the thing with feathers, by Emily Dickinson & Dazzled Face  



Reviewed by Julia Rampen

Pighog Press

Established in 2002 by John Davies, a poet from Sussex, Pighog is a small independent press aiming, in its own words, for 'unique voices.'  Despite having limited financial resources, small presses have their advantages...



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