Poetry ReviewCover of Poetry Review, 92:4

(Volume 92, No 4, Winter 2002)

David Herd
Robert Potts

Michael Haslam, Mark Haddon, Anthony Caleshu, Carrie Etter, Rebecca O'Connor, Mary O Donnell, Julian Stannard, Andrew Duncan, Sheenagh Pugh, Brian Henry, John Tranter, Robert Saxton, Anne Rouse, Simon Carnell, Eve Kimber, Clive Wilmer, Jeremy Over, Alex Smith.

Articles and Reviews
Rovert Potts on Apprehension
Catriona Kelly on Russian Women Poets
Stephen Burt on A. R. Ammons
Edna Longley on Paul Muldoon, Moy Sand and Gavel
John Tranter on John Ashbery, Chinese Whispers
Stuart Kelly on Sorley Maclean, Poems to Eimhir
Jane Griffiths on ALison Croggon, Kate Fagan, Jill Jones, Kate Lilley, Sophie Levy, Leo Mellor
John Redmondon W. N. Herbert, The Big Bumper Book of Troy
Sara Lundquist on Jorie Graham, Never and Barbara Guest, Miniatures and Other Poems
Patrick McGuinness on Andrew MOtion, Public Property
Michael Caines on David Morley, Scientific Papers
Simon Coppock on John Wilkinson, Effigies Against the Light
Sian Hughes on Carol Ann Duffy, Feminine Gospels, Carol Rumens, Hex and Marua Dooley, Sound Barrier
Robert Saxton on John Hartley Williams, Spending Time With Walter, Ruth Padel, Voodoo Shop and Paul Farley, The Ice Age
Andrea Brady on Peter Robinson, Poetry, Poets, Readers
Peter McDonald on Shira Wolosky, The Art of Poetry, Ruth Padel, 52 Ways of Looking at a Poem
Justin Quinn on Robert Minhinnick, After the Hurricane
James Keery on Trevor Joyce, With the First Dream of Fire They Hunt the Cold
Jonathan Treitel on Yehuda Halevi, Poems from the Diwan
Jeremy Noel-Tod on Sue Wood, Chris Considine, Jennifer Copley, Annemarie Austin, Anne Stevenson, Andrew McNeillie, Peter McDonald, Simon Carnell
Andrew Duncan on The Turner Prize