Poetry Review

(Volume 93, No 2, Summer 2003)Cover of Poetry Review 93:2

David Herd 
Robert Potts

Don Paterson, Simon Carnell, Carrie Etter, Robert Saxton, Alison Brackenbury, Sarah Maguire, Richard Price, John Wilkinson, Julian Stannard, Antony Dunn, Polly Clark, Jane Griffiths, Tom Payne, Jon Woodward, Moniza Alvi, Miklós Radnóti, Robert Chandler, Roger Waterfield, John Kinsella, Peter Finch, Nick Laird.

Articles and Reviews
Toby Litt on Reading
John Wilkinson on Douglas Oliver
Stephen Burt on Christopher Logue, All Day Permanent Red: War Music continued
Stuart Kelly on Alec Finlay (Editorial Director), The Pcket Book series
John Redmond on Ian Duhig, The Lammas Hireling
Simon Coppack on Wendy Mulford, and suddenly, supposing, and Iain Sinclair, Saddling the Rabbit
William Wootten on Michael Hamburger, From a Diary of Non-Events
Peter Manson on Ciaran Carson, Forgotten Cities, and Justin Quinn, Fuselage
John McAuliffe on Jamie McKendrick, Ink Stone
Jane Griffiths on Peter Scupham, Collected Poems
Richard Price on Geoffrey O'Brien, A View of Buildings and Water, Brian Henry, American Incident, Andrew Grace, A Belonging Field, and Nicholas Johnson, Cleave
Michael Caines on Bernard O'Donaghue, Outliving
Jane Yeh on Richard Howard, Trappings, J.D. McClatchy, Divisions of Spolis, and Dick Davies, Belonging
Andrew Duncan on Jeremy Hooker, Adamah, and Robert Crawford, The Tip of My Tongue
Fred D'Aguiar does the Questionnaire
Matthew Welton on Abstractions in Briatin, 1960-1970