Poetry Review

(Volume 94, No 4, Winter 2004/5)Cover of Poetry Review 94:4

David Herd
Robert Potts

Ch'oe Young-mi, Mahmoud Darwish, Valerie Rouzeau, Piotr Sommer, Fiona Sampson, Jan Wagner, J. P. Nosbaum, Blanca Varela, Arjen Duinker, Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi, Anne Stevenson, Andrew Waterman, Tony Lopez, Sophie Hannah, Ralph Hawkins, Annemarie Austin, Ian Pindar, Nick Laird, Robvert Hampson, Mary Michaels, David Wheatley, John Latta, Roger Waterfield, Sally Festing, Simon Carnell, Will Eaves, Paul Stubbs, Tim Morris.

Articles and Reviews
Sarah Maguire on Translation
Andrew Jordan on Inside the outside
Peter Manson on Tom Leonard, access to the silence
Janet Phillips on Kathleen Jamie, The Tree House
Aingeal Clare on Frank Kuppner, A God's Breakfast
Jane Griffiths on Jane Draycott, The Night Tree
Michael Murphy on George Szirtes, Reel
Patrick McGuinness on Peter Robinson, Selected Poems; Untitled Deeds
Carrie Etter on Ruth Padel, The Soho Leopard
Sarah Fulford on Carola Luther, Walking the Animals
Jane Yeh on P.j. Kavanagh, Something About Graham Mort, A Night on the Lash; Andrew Sant, The Unmapped Page; John Fuller, Ghosts; Colette Bryce, the Full Indian Rope Trick
John Muckle on Jeff Nuttall, A Celebration; Jeff Nuttall's Wake; Rupert M. Loydell, Familiar Territory; Robert Sheppard, Tin Pan Arcadia; John Welch, The Eastern Boroughs; Ralph Hawkins, The Moon, The Chief Hairdresser (highlights)
Fiona Sampson on Agnes Nemes Nagy, The Night of Akhenaton; Miklos Radnoti, Forced Marche; Kapka Kassabova, Someone else's life
Peter Robinson on Jamie McKendrick (ed), The Faber Book of 20th-Century Italian Poems
Andrew Duncan on Peter Huchel, The Garden of Theophrastus, Justo Jorge Padron, Memory of the Fire
Jerzy Jarniewicz on Tadeusz Rozewicz, They Came to See a Poet; recycling; Ewa Lipska, Pet Shops and Other Poems, Carnivorous Boy, Carnivorous Bird: Poetry from Poland; Altered State: The New Polish Poetry; Dreams of Fires: 100 Polish Poelms 1970-1989
Alison Brackenbury on Banipal No. 13 & No. 21; Wasafiri No. 40 & No. 42; Orient Express Vol. 5; Modern Poetry in Translation, New Series / No 21 Looking Eastward, Third Series / No 1 Introductions; Poetry Quarterly Review No. 20; Chicago Review 48: 2/3; Stand Vol 5 (3)
Alan Jenkins on William Nicholson