Poetry News 2005


Winter 2004/5

The winter issue of Poetry News contemplates mortality. There are articles by Dennis O'Driscoll on editing a Selected, Nicholas Swingler on poets' epitaphs, and David Hart on poetry and health care. Elsewhere, members write on the theme of loudness, and Mimi Khalvati examines the role of the linebreak. Plus there is a survey of poetry in Cumbria by Josephine Dickinson, an interview with the editor of The Interpreter's House and Julian Turner's route to a first collection.

Letter from the Director (Jules Mann)
Minor Refurbishment (Dennis O'Driscoll)
Life after Daffodils: Poetry in Cumbria (Josephine Dickinson)
Poems by Members on the theme of Loudness (selected by Catherine Smith) 
Last Words (Nicholas Swingler)

Spring 2005

The spring issue of Poetry News announces of the winners of the National Poetry Competition 2005, including an in-depth interview with first prize-winner, Jon Sait. PN also announces a change of editor for Poetry Review, and an interview by Bernardine Evaristo with the new post-holder, poet and critic Fiona Sampson. Plus John Whitworth examines nonsense verse, Lynn Rees guides us around poetic Kent, Ros Barber reveals her route to a first collection, and Michael Symmons Roberts introduces members' poems on the theme of 'Coats'.

Letter from the Director (Jules Mann)
Interview with Fiona Sampson (Bernardine Evaristo)
Not just Apples and Cricket: Poetry in Kent (Lynne Rees)
Poems by Members (theme: Coats)

Summer 2005

In this issue, Judy Brown wins the second Hamish Canham Poetry Prize for her poem, 'Loudness', and judge Carole Satyamurti reports on the selection process. Alice Oswald, former T. S. Eliot prize winner, talks to Poetry News about listening to landscapes and Anne Rouse lends an ear to broadcast poetry in its diverse forms. Sophie Hannah discusses metre, Stella Halkyard analyses correspondence from the Wallace Stevens archive, and Jeremy Poynting talks about a new project at caribbean poetry specialists, Peepal Tree Press.

Letter from the Director (Jules Mann)
The Hamish Canham Poetry Prize
All Tuned-In (Anne Rouse)
Profile: Alice Oswald (Janet Phillips)
Poetry In Cheshire (Gill McEvoy)
Poems by Members (theme: 'On the Tiles')

Autumn 2005

This issue charts the build-up to National Poetry Day 2005. Jules Mann reports on the workshops and performances that will celebrate this year's National Poetry Day, and this year's theme: 'The Future'. We also explore the dynamic art of slam poetry; Angel Dahouk records the recent successes of new young slam poets, while Joelle Taylor interviews the established slam artist Diké Omeje. The award-winning novelist Mark Haddon talks to us about the processes of writing and publishing poetry, and discusses his forthcoming first poetry collection. Meanwhile, Chris Sheppard considers the processes of reading and interpreting poetry, and encourages us to examine a poet's original manuscripts. Sally Festing provides a valuable insight into Leicester's vibrant poetry scene, which includes workshops to support multi-lingual poets, female poets, and performance poets. Peter and Margaret Lewis introduce us to Flambard Press and we also speak to Banipal editor Margeret Obank..

Articles in this issue:

Letter from the Director
Jules Mann provides an overview of the Poetry Society's activities in 2005, from working with poetry festivals across the UK, to producing a 'poetic' recipe book in time for Christmas...

Entering the Poetry Laboratory - National Poetry Day 2005
Jules Mann previews the celebrations and events surrounding National Poetry Day 2005, which has the theme of 'The Future'. The Poetry Society will accordingly be holding a series of Poetry Laboratories, in order to experiment with web-based poetry projects, explore links between poetry and science, and much more…

Poems by Members
on the theme of 'The Future', introduced by Roddy Lumsden.

Poetry In Leicester
Sally Festing, chair of Leicester Poetry Society, provides an insight into this city's energetic and eclectic poetry scene.

Sorkin and Vianu win translation prize
Helen Laing reports on this year's Corneliu M Popescu Prize for European Poetry Translation, which considered poems translated from original languages such as Latin, Welsh, Turkish and Estonian.

The Slam Challenge
Angel Dahouk charts the rise of the Poetry Society's slam poets: the Slambassadors. These young performance poets have been wowing audiences with their freestyle rhymes and beatbox rhythms.

Irresistible Performances
Joelle Taylor talks to Diké Omeje, a renowned performance poet who has appeared alongside Benjamin Zephaniah and Linton Kwesi Johnson.

Paper Trails
Chris Sheppard explains how collecting and considering a contemporary poet's manuscripts can inform our approach to their work.
The Route to a First Collection
The award-winning novelist Mark Haddon discusses the progression from his first poem to his forthcoming first collection, The Talking Horse and the Sad Girl and the Village Under the Sea.

Weak and Strong Rhyme
Robert Saxton examines the dynamics of triple rhyme in the poetry of Larkin and Yeats.

Publisher Portfolio: Flambard Press
Peter and Margaret Lewis explain how their enterprise helps new writers "find a foothold on the ladder"…

On the Racks: Banipal
Banipal editor Margaret Obank discusses how her magazine seeks to publish and promote Arab literature, both in original languages and in translation.