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Autumn 2012

Lavinia Greenlaw, Ted Hughes Award winner on 'Audio Obscura', NPC winner Allison McVety writes about poetry and computer programming, Michael Horovitz on Allen Ginsberg, cross-media poetry projects by Julia Bird, Jonathan Davidson, Paul Mills and Mario Petrucci.


Plus… National Poetry Day 2012 with John Cooper Clarke. Grace Nichols, Dannie Abse and many more, Aldeburgh Poetry Festival, a youth poetry project at Buckingham Palace. Members' poems on the theme of NPC theme 'stars', selected by Katrina Naomi.



Summer 2012

Paul Muldoon on poetry and music ahead of his Poetry Society Annual Lecture. Tony Harrison: a tribute by Ian Duhig; Todd Swift's poetry hero F.T. Prince, Julia Bird on submitting poems for publication, Happenstance Press profiled by Andy Jackson.


Plus… Joan Michaelson wins the Poetry News members' poem prize. Lavinia Greenlaw wins the Ted Hughes Award 2011,Denise Saul wins the Geoffrey Dearmer Prize. Members' Poems on the theme of ‘Leonardo: the Anatomist', selected by Clive Wilmer.




Spring 2012

Allison McVety wins the National Poetry Competition with 'To the lighthouse'... she speaks to Katy Evans Bush. Andy Croft writes about the verse novel and the Pushkin sonnet, Helen Mort on her Poetry Hero Norman MacCaig, Kona Macphee on mentoring, and Shearsman profiled by Colette Sensier,  

Plus… Paul Muldoon, Leonardo da Vinci commission with Maurice Riordan and Jo Shapcott, the 2011 Ted Hughes shortlist and the Castle and Canal writing project run by Leicester Stanza. Members' Poems on the theme of ‘war', selected by Bernardine Evaristo.





Winter 2011

Roger McGough – a President to please... Katy Evans Bush talks to the Poetry Society's new President; Poetry Hero: Katherine Gallagher on Australian poet Gwen Harwood; On the block – James Brookes and Tamar Yoseloff tackle writers' block; Alternative Mysteries: Popescu Prize winner Judith Wilkinson on translating Toon Tellegen; On retreat: Liz Berry, Julia Bird, Meryl Pugh, Dave Bryant describe their experiences; Unplugged forever – Niall O'Sullivan on 15 years of the Poetry Society's open mic night.


Plus… "Like a freedom flag unfurled" – poems round the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree; Julia Webb, Stanza Competition winner; Living handshakes across time: Roy Davies on a lifetime of collecting literary manuscripts. Members' Poems on the theme of ‘games', selected by Lorraine Mariner.