Adelstrop: the tweets

We asked Twitter followers to tweet what they could hear at exactly 12.45pm on 23 June 2014. Here's what they said. See more on #BlackbirdSang 

michaelshann unknown birds, tree-breeze in Walthamstow garden

UllapoolMuseum I hear Gaelic song in exhibition, Canadian visitors discussing ancestors, history story, door for new visitors

athenaisreads laptop chirp, insistent bee in the lavender, rustling breeze, chip, chip of - blackbird!

caspiansteeth Squeaky bike. Train slowing into the station. Piano practice next door. Blackbirds, singing.

LatymerE and for that minute a school dining room of 60 children chatted, shrieked, babbled and laughed.

stevhep Library silence Fingers tapping on keyboards Mind quietly works

Asiatil i hear the last beams of this evening crawl behind the hills in orange flannel slippers

RevRachelMann I can hears the hush of passing traffic and the tapping of a walking stick on a pavement

Oskymomo walking River Nene heard a kingfisher dive, trees whispering and #Adlestrop my great grandfather #EdwardThomas

Poetry Atlas Love the homage to 'Adlestrop', one of the greatest poems of place.

aesopseagles I hear cars going past my house. I am inside. I want to be outside.

caroinhackney I watched our resident male feed his chicks then chase them away (they sneak back to gorge on suet when he's not looking)

Light wind whistle off Lake Champlain lifts the sound of joy from children at summer-school recess into air.

ShotStoppa singing still. Choose to hear a different trill. Engines echo, mortal drill. Blackbird sang, singing still.

MissRoxyRibbons Strong winds, meows of a kitten and cars in the distance.

jaylewistaylor ice chirruping on the glass and the boss pouring me tonic water.

thehillbaker a distant plane, a far closer car, squabbling magpies, parakeets - and, yes, a blackbird!

TommyShakes bus groans past. Shoes slap on hot pavement. Light wind rustles leaves. A cyclist whistles down the hill.

fiddesmark My Twitter timeline pings like an electrocardiogram with a grudge.

White Subway Seagulls calling kiss me, kiss me.

The Poetry Can I hear distant sawing, a car starting and pulling away and a wood pigeon lullaby

Seagulls, baby gulls, large vehicle reversing

ABJackson The sneeze of a mighty wildebeest.

Poetry Society Edu‏ An odd London mixture of of seagulls and police sirens. What can you hear on the
centenary of Adlestrop?

bobzlenz Sounds of chatter, steps, traffic & church bells for the quarter hour in Melton Mowbray

outskirts a clock, son drinking water, daughter running up stairs, distant truck, more distant airplane...

juliamarybird I can hear throaty vans waiting at the traffic lights outside the window, and a guinea pig eating celery

NickGammage Out of New Street, Old signals, Silent sun glare Hours Late for #Adlestrop - but Light at end of tunnel

Jo Bell lock paddles being wound up on the canal. Boat engines. Birds, and Radio

andrewnlhill a midday prayer fell silent, in a bright, green churchyard as a in branches above

PrimordialBizkt Moment I started reading yer tweets, cheap battery clock got louder—little tuxedo, impatient baton.

Emma_Lee with mouse tweets & keyboard dampeners just audible from where I'm buried in a database waiting lunch so I can join in

Babalynne mouse clicks, whirring hard drive, leit motif of oversexed pigeons on the branch by the window

Good things from followers of today under . Missed the deadline myself (sigh), but worth checking out )

karenwellsbury The microwave's mournful ping, pineapple eaten from a plastic container

ailsaholland Cars, buses dash past outside; inside the oooof! and pop, pop of Wimbledon on the telly...

Boiarski the onyx ululation hidden in the shadows of the street at sunset whispers vespers of sundown, minor chords in dark flats.

Lucywoodie I can hear the whir of the fan and the whir of a siren

PoetryParts Tripping of pond waterfall, light aircraft above and someone in the next road drilling downward

RobertaDGates Air conditioner straining to overcome southern humidity, 8-wheeler grinding gears, morning bird slicing through

CTrevien Daredevil flies tying the room in knots, the clatter of forks on plates, my mother reading the paper out loud.

writerkavita Buying mangoes in London SW. The sound of tyres on the road and engines whining as ceaseless traffic goes by.

alderleymel tweeting of birds, breeze through the bamboo and distant sound of traffic

Sparrow stealing moss from hanging basket

stevebarnbrook Test Match Special

builders replacing institutional windows while students shriek in the sunshine

flightlessness The steady lull of a train, open air, rustling paper bags, echoes of dawn and, softly, the
sound of change.

JewishBookWeek Aptly enough, bright birdsong from the garden over the hum of Camden and the ever-present passing planes

Iceship A rhythmic cawing somewhere between bird & cat, a steady coo, topnotes of tiny tweets. Cars in street. &then the bell.

kwise6 Slightly poptastic nightlight version of Pachelbel's Canon as pat baby to sleep; strains of PeterRabbit from toddler's room

CEMichael British player losing the first set at Wimbledon

dudlian Robin, sparrow & blackbird. People having lunch on the playing field. Peace in our time. (tweeted for my wife)

eleanorturney my neighbour's building works... not quite blackbirds, sadly.

otherfictions computer humming, ear ringing. Unwontedly. Celebrating Adlestrop

WildWrites The work computer hums, outside articulated monotonal beeps of the Birley Fields MMU building site

Tap-tapping of busy fingers on keyboards and the whirr of a rotating fan. And good news spoken aloud.

SpiroPoetry thrumming ocean roar of the air conditioning, colleagues cheerful chatter

cab gull reversing van

robyndonaldson All I can hear is the whir of the office fan and the incessant sound of my own voice

HannahLockePoet This Vehicle Is Reversing

Scg8 Computer sighs and swinging doors make a new tune to replace the silence

salenagodden a family of chaffinch, they are cheeping loudly & stealing all the leaves of the geraniums away to their nest

LanguishingPoet I can hear The short, rhythmical cheeps of a bird, and the moaning drone of an electric lawnmower.

KatyEvansBush children in playground opposite, plane going over, and van door sliding. Van distracted me.

WasThatThunder A bee, a bird, a trowel against a brick

Marilyn Daish Plane middle distance; single beat of a bird repeating itself throughout this time; a louder bird interjects...

youngpoetsnet Cars grumbling, seagulls calling, something large and loud and mechanical beeping

BenPhiladelphia Lunchtime chat in the office restaurant. Ladles in soup turreens, a giggle, a bloke's basso profundo, a till rings up charge.

clairecollison A plane’s hum, neighbour empties dishwasher, tinkle of cat collar, a door opens, a child cries ma MA! A plane's hum.

AnnaRob867 heard crow, my sister saying something about work and a plane passed over