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In 1998 the Poetry Society received a substantial grant from the 'Arts for Everyone' budget of the Arts Council of England Lottery Department to put into effect an innovative scheme to bring poetry to new audiences. This two year programme of residencies, placements and projects opened up new opportunities for a wide range of poets to work in partnership with diverse organisations and groups.

In concluding this project (Autumn 2000), we are encouraged by the momentum caused and the inspiring new projects that have carried forward in the same spirit as the Poetry Places residencies, placements and commissions. We have established this section of our website as an information archive and resource which we hope will be helpful for the design of future projects.

Poets and their places are listed in the menu, or you can browse by area or subject with the links to the right. Other features follow:

Commissioned Poems
The Poetry Society commissioned poets to write about a place that mattered to them. The place could be a beauty spot or an eyesore, a place in their home or imagination...

Most residencies lasted for six months, with the poet spending one day a week attached to the organisation and one day writing about it.

Commissioned publications on particular subjects by Michael Donaghy, Roddy Lumsden, Fiona Sampson, Sarah Maguire, Cliff Yates, Sian Hughes, Anthony Wilson and more.

The Library Room
Based on the Poetry on Loan project, this section of our website contains essential information for libraries on how to build an effective Poetry Place.

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