Primeval Plymouth

(To the bones found in Plymouth and surrounding areas)

Bones in docks, concealed in rocks,
Knit before we were knit,
Before we knew the half of it,
Known before we were known
To some great Power who fashioned life from bone.
Beneath these hills and pavements lies,
Immobilised, a fossil army
Which once, in steam and heat,
Howled in triumph to the skies.
Where people pace their lives and engines roar,
A thousand tongues proclaimed primeval lore.
New waters cover seas which hid
The crabbed and crawling, jellied prey, bicuspid.
These creatures speak through syllables of days,
Their clamour echoes, elbows other tracts aside.
We hear, and one more undisputed phrase
Is added to our ancient written pride.

These poems were written by the local Waterfront Writers group, as facilitated by Kit Wright.