Food Laureate

"To make perfect custard, all you need is some..." - Illustration by Gemma Correll
Supermarket chain Morrisons has marshalled the power of poetry to make better cooks of the ten million customers who visit its 415 shops each week. Rhyme has long been used as an aide memoiré - helping shepherds predict bad weather ("Red sky in the morning shepherds take warning") and converting imperial to metric ("Two and a quarter pounds of jam weigh about a kilogram").

Now Morrisons, with the help of the Poetry Society, has commissioned poets Ian McMillan, John Mole and Peter Sansom, to create nifty new poems to make basic cooking tips easy to recall. Rhyming couplets will ensure that overdone roast beef, bread that doesn't rise and soggy batter are consigned to history. "It's a recipe for success!" says Ian McMillan, who has contributed a vegetable almanac, along with tips on bread-making ("Your joy is infinite"), the humble crumble and long life beans.

Read the poems here:

Illustration by Gemma Correll