New Work in Poetry: Examples 2010

Poets regularly create new work for contexts beyond the printed word, whether for performance, broadcast, monumental inscription, or in collaboration with artists of other disciplines. Details of some of the new work that was presented in 2010 can be discovered below. To stay up to date with the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry visit the main page, or visit the history section to find out about past winners.

'Border Song'
Linda France - Artwork by Kim Lewis
Images and Poetry: Northumberland
Date: 20 September 2010
Linda France and Kim Lewis have been collaborating on an intriguing new version of the Old Testament Song of Songs, set in the North Tyne valley.  Border Song celebrates love of the land, love between two people and love of spirit in a series of images, drawings and poems. Find out more from the Heritage Centre at Bellingham

'The Sacrament of Marriage'
John Siddique
Poem Animated Through Dance: Bradford
Date: 23 July 2010

As part of the London 2010 Open weekend, poet John Siddique wrote a piece for The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Under the performance title ‘The Sacrament of Marriage,’ five dancers animate John’s poem ‘Every Atom’ as he presents it live for audiences. For more information visit John Siddique's website.

'Whenever I Get Blown Up I Think of You'
Molly Naylor
Spoken Word Performance: London
Date: 15 July 2010

This is a true story based on the events of 7/7. Molly Naylor herself performs her work, telling the story of how she found herself on one of the underground trains targeted by terrorists in 2005. For more information see Molly Naylor's website.

'Whenever I Get Blown Up I Think of You': Molly Naylor

Martin Figura
Spoken Word Performance: Ledbury Poetry Festival
Date: 10 July 2010

A spoken word performance of Figura's Whistle, a collection published by Arrowhead in March. The collection deals with the murder in 1966 of his mother, June, by his father, Frank. Figura was just nine at the time. The spare, compact poems pack togher anger, grief and bewilderment. Find out more from the Ledbury Poetry Festival website.

Ruth Padel - Music by Michael Zev Gordon
Choral Work

Date: 9 July 2010
Ruth Padel, an acclaimed poet with established interest in science, genetics and evolution, and a descendant of Charles Darwin, has written the text of this choral work. The piece is composed by Michael Zev Gordon, who used genetic code as the basis of the composition. Read more about 'Music from the Genome'.

'The Mighty Beast'
Sean Borodale
Performance: Bristol Old Vic Ferment
Date: 7 July 2010

Appearing as part of the Bristol Ferment (hosted by the Brisol Old Vic) and billed as a "work in progress", this performance uses extracts taken from a larger poem written live during visits to livestock markets. The production takes as its focus the auction ring, the audience standing in a circle as would buyers at a rural livestock market. The auctioneer works through the sale of livestock, and other things: the sale of depression, grief, isolation, catastrophe and more. For more information see the Bristol Old Vic website.

Companion Stones for the Derbyshire Guide Stoops
Various Poets, Designers and Sculptors
Sculptures: Derbyshire
Date: 26 May 2010
A set of twelve matching stones designed by poets and artists and created by sculptors and masons of the Peak. Like the Guide Stoops, each bares an inscription pointing, not to market towns, but towards the future. More information about the individual poets involved can be found on the Companion Stones website.

Companion Stones, Credits: Diana Syder, Adam Walkden, Arts in the Peak and Companion Stones.

'The Lion's Face'
Glyn Maxwell - Music by Elena Langer
Opera: Various Locations
Date: 25 May 2010

A new opera with libretto by Glyn Maxwell. 'The Lion's Face', which deals with old age and dementia, will tour the UK this summer as part of a nine month season from the Wellcome Trust exploring the theme of identity. The production is produced by The Opera Group.

'The Three Stigmata of Pacman'
Ross Sutherland
Animation and Poetry: Various Locations
Date: 12 January 2010
Animation and poetry brought together in a performance by Ross Sutherland to tell a story about timetravel and home. The show utilises home made videos and diagrams. The piece will be performed as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. More infromation can be found on Ross Sutherland's website.

'The Three Stigmata of Pacman': Ross Sutherland

'Border Song': Artwork by Kim Lewis

'The Sacrament of Marriage': John Siddique. Photo Credit: Jojo Duenas

'Whistle': Martin Figura

'Allele': Ruth Padel

'The Mighty Beast': Presented at Bristol Ferment

'The Lion's Face': Programme Image. Image Designers: Module Media