Arts Award: How the Poetry Society can help you achieve yours!


                           SLAMbassador participants, Buckinghamshire, 2013

Are you working towards an Arts Award? The Poetry Society is an Arts Award Supporter and can help you achieve your Arts Award.

Arts Award’s unique qualifications support anyone aged up to 25 to develop as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through setting personal challenges in the art form of their choice - from fashion to film making, pottery to poetry; which is where we come in!

Through Arts Award you can gain a nationally recognised qualification enabling you to progress into further education and employment. You not only gain art form knowledge and understanding, but also develop leadership, creativity and communication skills. Arts Award can be achieved at five levels: four accredited qualifications (Explore, Bronze, Silver, Gold) and an introductory level (Discover). The highest level carries valuable UCAS points. Arts Award Advisers facilitate young people’s journey through the award programme, then assess their log book or portfolio.

What's more you can share your arts award journey with lots of different organisations - read more about the Shared Arts Award Offer below.

The Poetry Society’s Arts Award Offer

As an Arts Award Supporter, the Poetry Society can support you to achieve your Arts Award in the following ways:

1. Take part

We deliver a year round programme of events and activities for young people. If you're aged 11-17 you can write a new poem and enter it into our Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award or if you're aged 12-18 and performing your poetry is more your style you could enter a short video to our SLAMbassadors slam poetry competition. Another great way to take part in poetry is one of the many challenges and online workshops on our Young Poets Network. Throughout the year we also run one-off events and workshops that young people can get involved in, so check out our Young Poets Network's Poetry Opportunities or Facebook page for the latest opportunities for young people interested in poetry and creative writing.

2. Experience the arts

We regularly curate exhibitions and commission poets and artists to make new work at our Poetry Cafe in central London. We put on a range of poet readings and performance poetry events like our SLAMbassadors UK showcases each year. Young Poets Network offers the chance to experience the arts through a wide range of features, online workshops and the chance to explore the poetry of both new and established poets.

3. Develop new skills or share your skills with others

Our Young Poets Network is available to all young writers keen to develop their writing skills and share their work with others - a selection of poems sent in by young writers is displayed on the site along with a space to share your thoughts on the work. Where possible we also create opportunities for young people to write their own features or articles for our online publications, plus we can sometimes offer the chance for those aged 18 and over to volunteer for the Poetry Society, helping us run events and gain office experience. 

4. Find out about art and artists

Our friendly team are always happy to help you find out more about poets and poetry. We can provide advice on finding out more about poets and their career paths, and suggest good venues and websites to take your research further. We have a wide range of profiles and articles on poets from right across the world on our Young Poets Network and Poetry International websites. Each year we also run a special lecture by (or about!) a famous poet in places like London and Liverpool.

5. Meet artists and creative professionals

Where possible we can arrange for young people to meet with poets - both 'stage' and 'page' poets - along with curators, arts administrators, arts marketing professionals and other people working within the creative industries. If your school are running an Arts Award group, we can arrange a poet visit through our Poets in Schools service.

6. Showcase your work

Entering one of our competitions offers the possibility of sharing your work nationally. For example, the top 15 poets chosen for the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award are published in an anthology, which is published in its thousands and sent right across the UK and beyond. By entering SLAMbassadors your poem will automatically be shared on the Poetry Society YouTube channel (with your permission, of course!). Equally, taking part in a challenge on our Young Poets Network is a great way to share your work with others and sometime even receive feedback from a professional poet. 

The Shared Arts Award Offer

As our Poetry Cafe is based in Covent Garden in the borough of Camden, London (a cafe where you can come along and watch and be inspired by some performing poets as part of your Arts Award journey), we've joined up with all the local Arts Awards supporters for Camden and our neighbour borough Islington to provide a Shared Arts Award Offer. It's worth checking out all the different places you can gain experience and inspiration from - so here's a guide to how it works and a list of all the different organisations you can work with to develop your Arts Award portfolio. 

If you would like to find out more or have any other questions on Arts Award email Lucy Wood 


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