Posters and books for your classroom

The Poetry Society publishes a range of poetry posters and books to make your classroom a poetry classroom. These hard copy resources are available to buy online below. Free lesson plans and other teaching tools can be found on our Poetryclass pages.

Bring poems alive with our poem posters, beautifully illustrated by the best up-and-coming illustrators and artists and selected in consultation with teachers and educators across the UK. These large format posters are the perfect visual aid for both primary and secondary classrooms. Each poster measures 680 x 490 mm.

Mixed Poster Set

Mixed Poster Set  featuring (L-R) Boomerang (John Agard), Introduction to Poetry (Billy Collins), You're (Sylvia Plath), In My Country (Jackie Kay), Night Crow (Sujata Bhatt), Ragwort (Anne Stevenson).

Mixed Poster Set £19.95 (inc. P&P) BUY

Individual Posters £4.95 (inc. P&P) BUY


Primary Poster Set

Featuring (L-R) Introduction to Poetry (Billy Collins), Night Crow (Sujata Bhatt), You're (Sylvia Plath), Boomerang (John Agard). 

Primary Poster Set £14.95 (inc. P&P) BUY


Secondary Poster Set 

Featuring (L-R) Introduction to Poetry (Billy Collins), In My Country (Jackie Kay), You're (Sylvia Plath), Ragwort (Anne Stevenson). 

Secondary Poster Set £14.95 (inc. P&P) BUY


Individual posters

£4.95 each (inc. P&P) BUY


Beginner's Riddles Posters

Introducing word-play from around the world, introducing pupils and teachers to the quirky world of verse. With teaching notes introduced by poet George Szirtes.

"We are constantly having to reinvent language to convey the startling, unique, once and once only strangeness of being alive. This reinvention - close to common speech yet not entirely of it - is the business of poetry, the most language intensive of the verbal arts... A good riddle should therefore have many of the virtues of a good poem. It should be economical, apposite, surprising, rhythmically satisfying, capable of unfolding or engaging the emotions."

£11.50 (inc. P&P)  BUY


People in Poetry Posters

Twentieth-century poems introduce a rogue's gallery of anti-heroes for our time, selected and introduced by poet and expert poetry teacher Matthew Sweeney.

People in Poetry PosterCONTENTS
Why Brownlee Left, by Paul Muldoon
Swineherd, by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
nobody loses all the time, by e.e. cummings
The River Merchant's Wife - A Letter, by Li Po (transl. Ezra Pound)
My Papa's Waltz, by Theodore Roethke
Stealing, by Carol Ann Duffy
Red Roses, by Anne Sexton
Tom Bone, by Charles Causley

£11.50 (inc. P&P)  BUY



Poems on the Underground

The country's most popular public art project. We supply three sets of posters a year free to our school members, or they can be purchased individually at £3.00 a poster or at £9.99 for a set (inc.P&P).  BUY 



The Poetry Book for Primary Schools

The Poetry Book for Primary Schools edited by Anthony Wilson with Sian Hughes edited by Anthony Wilson and Siân Hughes

A collection of poems, games, interviews, lesson-ideas and debate to enhance poetry teaching throughout the primary years. Its down-to-earth expertise and humour will outlive curriculum changes for years to come.
£7.95 + £1.55 p&p  BUY



Jumpstart Poetry in the Secondary School

Jumpstart Poetry in the Secondary School by Cliff Yates edited by Cliff Yates

A phenomenally successful teacher of poetry, Cliff Yates has seen his pupils win every prize available to young writers - how does he do it? This combination of personal vision and transferable ideas gives an insight into how poetry reading and writing can be integrated into the everyday life of secondary schools.
£7.95 + £1.55 p&p  BUY

The Poetry Society's Poetryclass project supports educators, poets and parents in using poetry for learning. Please browse below for the kinds of support we can offer.

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