New and forthcoming publications  2011

Here is a list of poetry collections scheduled for publication in 2011. Please note: the month of publication may change. Please contact individual publishers for further information.


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Simon Armitage, Seeing Stars (Faber and Faber)
Wanda Barford, Wanted on Voyage (Flambard Press)
Graham Clifford, Welcome Back to the Country (Seren Books) 
Emily Critchley  Love / All That / & OK  (Penned in the margins)
Paul Durcan, Life is a Dream: 40 Years Reading Poems 1967-2007 (Vintage Digital, Random House)
Paul Durcan, The Laughter of Mothers (Vintage Digital, Random House) 
Ford Madox Ford (ed. Joseph Wiesenfarth) Parade's End: Volume II (Carcanet)
M A Griffiths, Grasshopper  (Arrowhead)
David Harsent,  Night (Faber and Faber)
Robert Hass, The Apple Trees at Olema (Bloodaxe) 
Ted Hughes, Poems for Children (Faber and Faber)
Ted Hughes Stories for Children (Faber and Faber)
Jaan Kaplinski, Selected Poems (Bloodaxe)  
Jackie Kay, Fiere (Picador)
Garrison Keillor, 77 Love Sonnets (with audio CDs) (Bloodaxe)
Philip Larkin, Selected Poems of Philip Larkin (Faber and Faber)  
Peter McCarey , Collected Contraptions  (Carcanet)
Gillian Prew, Disconnections (Erbacce-Press) 
Jo Shapcott Of Mutability (Faber and Faber)
Iain Crichton Smith (Ed. Matt McGuire), New Collected Poems  (Carcanet)
John Stammers (ed.), The Picador Book of Love Poems (Picador)
Connor Stratman, An Early Scratch (Erbacce-Press)
Mario Susko, Epi/Logos (Erbacce-Press)
John Swain, Handing the Cask (Erbacce-Press)
Matthew Sweeney, Black Moon (Vingtage Digital, Random House) 


Marc Atkins The Logic of the Stairwell  (Shearsman)
D. M. Black, Claiming Kindred (Arc)George Bradley, A Few of Her Secrets  (Waywiser Press)
Anne Blonstein, 8 of Stones (Erbacce-Press) 
Tony Curtis, Folk  (Arc)
Roy Davids, The Double-Ended Key (Acumen Publications)
Keith Douglas, The Complete Poems (Faber and Faber)
Michael Egan, I Went to the Ship (Erbacce-Press) 
Carrie Etter, Divining for Starters   (Shearsman)
Elizabeth Bishop (ed. Saskia Hamilton), Poems: The Centenary Edition (Chatto & Windus, Random House) 
Kerry Hardie, Selected Poems  (Bloodaxe)
Lynne Hjelmgaard, The Ring (Shearsman)
Glyn Hughes, A Year in the Bull-Box (Arc)
Fawzi Karim  (ed. Anthony Howell, trans. Abbas Kadhim) Plague Lands and other poems   (Carcanet)
August Kleinzahler, Sleeping It Off in Rapid City (Faber and Faber)
José Kozer (trans. Peter Boyle) Anima (Shearsman)
David Mac, Room is Brutal (Erbacce-Press)
Louis MacNeice, Autumn Journal (Faber and Faber)
Chris Madoch, Rumours from the Balcony (Erbacce-Press)
Sarah Maguire, The Invisible Mender (Vintage Digital, Random House) 
Peter McDonald, Torchlight (Carcanet)
Richard Mason, "I Don't Know What I'm Doing." (Erbacce-Press)  
Glyn Maxwell, One Thousand Nights and Counting (Picador)
Gordon Meade, The Familiar (Arrowhead)
Nicholas Murray, Get Real!  (Rack Press)
Christopher North, Terry Gilford, Al Otro Lado del Aguilar (Oversteps)
Ovid (trans. Tom Payne), The Art of Love  (Cape, Random House) 
Gonca Özmen (Trans. George Messo) The Sea Within. (Shearsman)
Christopher Reid, Airs and Ditties of No Man’s Land (Rack Press)
Peter G. Res, Neon Soliloquies (Erbacce-Press)
Elizabeth Bishop (ed. Lloyd Schwartz), Prose: The Centenary Edition (Chatto & Windus, Random House)
Robert Sheppard, Berlin Bursts and other poems  (Shearsman)
Robert Sheppard When Bad Times Made for Good Poetry. (Shearsman)
Steve Spence, Limits of Control  (Penned in the Margins)
Bernard Spencer, Complete Poetry Translations & Selected Prose  (Bloodaxe)
Michael Swan, The Shapes of Things (Oversteps) 
Harriet Tarlo (ed.) The Ground Aslant- Radical Landscape (Shearsman)
Toon Tellegen (trans. Judith Wilkinson) Raptors  (Carcanet) 
Roísín Tierney, Dream Endings (Rack Press) 
Angela Topping, Catching On: An Elegiac Sequence for Matt Simpson  (Rack Press)
Angela Topping, Kids' Stuff (Erbacce-Press)
Angela Topping, The Lightfoot Letters (Erbacce-Press)
Craig Watson, Sleepwalking with Orpheus (Shearsman) 
JL Williams, Condition of Fire  (Shearsman)
Heidi Williamson, Electric Shadow  (Bloodaxe)
Various authors, Ten Poems about Mothers  (Candlestick)         
Various authors Ten Poems about Tea  (Candlestick)
Various authors Ten Poems about London   (Candlestick)

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L. Ward Abel, Torn Sky Bleeding Blue (Erbacce-Press)
Brian Aldiss, Mortal Morning (Flambard Press)
Neil Astley (ed), Being Human (Bloodaxe)
Robert Bolaño (trans. Laura Healy), The Romantic Dogs (Picador)
Sean Bonney, Baudelaire in English (2nd Edition) (Veer Books)
Joseph Bradshaw, In the Common Dream of George Oppen  (Shearsman)
Alfredo Cordal, Tongues of Fire: Lenguas De Fuego (Katabasis)
Robert Crawford, Spirit Machines (Vintage Digital, Random House)
Robert Crawford, The Tip of My Tongue (Vintage Digital, Random House)
Martin Figura, Whistle (Arrowhead) 
Philip French, I Found it at the Movies (Carcanet)
Attila József, The Iron-Blue Vault: Selected Poems (Bloodaxe)
Angela Keaton, Revolution of the World as Yet Incomplete (Erbacce-Press)
Angela Keaton, See He(a)r(e) (Erbacce-Press)
Philip Larkin, The North Ship (Faber and Faber) 
Philip Larkin, The Less Deceived (Faber and Faber) 
Philip Larkin, High Windows (Faber and Faber)
Michael Longley, A Hundred Doors (Cape, Random House)
Earl Lovelace, While Gods Are Falling (Peepal Tree Press)
Michael McAloran, Unto Naught (Erbacce-Press)
Kevin McCann, Some of Us (Erbacce-Press)
Chris McCully, Selected Poems (Carcanet) 
Ian Pople,  Saving Spaces (Arc)
Jay Ramsay, Soul of the Earth (Awen Publications)
Frederic Raphael, Ifs and Buts (Carcanet)
Michael Smith & Luis Ingelmo, Poems from Other Tongues  (Shearsman)
Matthew Sweeney, A Smell of Fish (Vintage Digital, Random House)
Julian Turner, Planet Struck (Anvil)
Michael Vowles, Verse of a Lotus-Eater (Erbacce-Press)
Derek Walcott, White Egrets (Faber and Faber) 
Laura Walker, Bird Book  (Shearsman)
MJ Weller, Beat Generation Ballads (Veer Books)
Nerys Williams, Sound Archive (Seren Books)


Jonathan Attrill, The Aye-Aye's Pillow (White Leaf Press) 
Dennis Barone, Parallel Lines  (Shearsman)
Peter Bennet, The Game of the Bear (Flambard Press)
Evan Boland, A Journey With Two Maps (Carcanet)
Dan Burt, Certain Windows (Carcanet)
Diane Cockburn, Electric Mermaid (Arrowhead)
Wendy Cope, Family Values (Faber and Faber) 
James Davies, Plants (Reality Street)
Jane Draycott, Pearl (Carcanet) 
Alec Finlay, Be My Reader  (Shearsman)
Tony Frazer (ed.),Shearsman 87 & 88 (Shearsman)
Desmond Graham, The Scale of Change (Flambard Press)
Simon Jenner, Wrong Evenings (Waterloo Press)
Esther Leslie, Bouleversed Bauldelairizing: On Poetics and Terror (Veer Books)
Simon Leyland, The Language of Exile (Erbacce-Press)
Sheree Mack, Family Album (Flambard Press)
Ford Madox Ford (ed. Joseph Wiesenfarth), Parade's End Vol III (Carcanet)
Ford Madox Ford (ed. Joseph Wiesenfarth), Parade's End: Volume II (Carcanet)
Una Marson, Una Marson: Selected Poems (Peepal Tree Press)
Mark Murphy, Our Little Bit of Immortality (Erbacce-Press)
Geoffrey Hill, Clavics (Enitharmon)
Brendan Kennelly, The Essential Brendan Kennelly (Bloodaxe) 
David Kinloch, Finger of a Frenchman (Carcanet)  
Gwyneth Lewis, Sparrow Tree   (Bloodaxe)
Michael Longley, A Hundred Doors (Cape, Random House) 
Rupert M. Loydell, Wildlife  (Shearsman)
Sean O'Brien, November (Picador)
Mary Palmer, Iona (Awen Publications)
Eléna Rivera, The Perforated Map   (Shearsman)
Andrew Salkey, Drought (Peepal Tree Press)
Andrew Salkey, Earthquake (Peepal Tree Press)
Andrew Salkey, Hurricane (Peepal Tree Press)
Andrew Salkey, Riot (Peepal Tree Press)
Ian Seed, Shifting Registers (Shearsman)
Tomas Tranströmer, New Collected Poems (Bloodaxe)
David C. Ward, Internal Difference (Carcanet)
Carol Watts, Occassionals (Reality Street)
Susan Wicks, House of Tongues  (Bloodaxe)

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William Ayot, The Inheritance (PS Avalon)
David Greenslade, Homuncular Misfit (PS Avalon)
Richard Makin, Dwelling  (Reality Street) 
Johan de Wit, Gero Nimo (Reality Street) 


Gilbert Adair, Sable Smoke (Veer Books)
Alan Afterman, Kabbalah and Consciousness (Carcanet)
Demosthenes Agriofotis, +-Graphies (Veer Books)
Phil Bowen, Damian Furniss, David Woolley, The Captain's Tower: Poems for Bob Dylan at 70 (Seren Books)
Rachael Boast, Sidereal (Picador)
Norman Buller, Powder on the Wind (Waterloo Press) 
Paul Celan and Nelly Sachs (ed. Barbara Wiedemann)(trans. Christopher Clark) Correspondence (Carcanet)
Mahmoud Darwish (trans. Sinan Antoon),  In the Presence of Absence (Archipelago)
Kelly Grovier, The Sleepwalker at Sea (Carcanet)
Stanley Kunitz (ed. Stanley Moss), Inverviews and Encounters with Stanley Kunitz (Carcanet) 
Roddy Lumsden, Terrific Melancholy  (Bloodaxe)
Aodan McCardle, Ising (Veer Books)
Mary Oliver, Swan  (Bloodaxe)
Eric Ormsby, The Baboons of Hada (Carcanet)
Ian Pindar, Emporium (Carcanet)
Clare Pollard, Changeling   (Bloodaxe)
F.K. Pollard, The Model Shop (Waterloo Press)
F.K. Pollard, Risk of Skin (Waterloo Press)
Kate Potts, Pure Hustle  (Bloodaxe)
Moss Rich, A Psalm of Consequences for Those Who Can't Keep Up Monthly Payments: Selected Poems (Waterloo Press)
Maurice Scully, Touring the Lattice (Veer Books)


Felicity Amswych, Taller Tales and Worse Rhymes (White Leaf Press)
Jean 'Binta' Breeze, Third World Girl  (Bloodaxe)
Julio Cortázar  (trans. Anne McLean), Prose from the Observatory (Archipeligo Press)
Ailbhe Darchy, Imaginary Menagerie  (Bloodaxe)
John F. Deane, Eye of the Hare (Carcanet)
Federico Garcia Lorca (trans. Edwin Honig), Four Puppet Plays (Carcanet)
Peter Hughes, Simon Marsh, The Pistol Tree Poems (Shearsman)
Tim Liardet, The Storm House (Carcanet)
Roberto Longhi (trans. David Tabbat), Piero della Francesca (Carcanet)
Roberto Longhi (trans. David Tabbat), Three Studies (Carcanet)
Joan Margarit, Strangely Happy  (Bloodaxe)
Bernard O'Donoghue, Farmers Cross (Faber & Faber)
Maggie O'Sullivan, Murmur (Veer Books)
Alice Oswald, Memorial (Faber)
Arthur Rimbaud (trans. John Ashbery), Illuminations (Carcanet)
Fiona Sampson, Music Lessons (Bloodaxe)
Carole Satyamurti, Countdown   (Bloodaxe)
Michael Waters, Selected Poems (Shoestring Press)
Gregory Woods, An Ordinary Dog (Carcanet)


Clare Best, Excisions (Waterloo Press)
Helen Buckingham, Armadillo Basket (Waterloo Press) 
Billy Collins, Hororscopes for the Dead (Picador)
Ford Madox Ford (ed. Paul Skinner), Parade's End vol IV (Carcanet)
SJ Fowler, Fights (Veer Books) 
Carola Luther, Arguing with Malarchy (Carcanet)
Justin Katko, The Death of Pringle (Veer Books) 
Cyprian Norwid (trans. Danuta Borchardt) Poems  (Archipeligo Press)
Mervyn Peake (eds. Peter Winnington and Robert Warner Masien), Complete Nonsense (Carcanet)
Peter Riley, The Glacial Stairway (Carcanet)
Umberto Saba (trans. Stephen Sartarelli), History and Chronicle of the Songbook (Carcanet)
Aharon Shabtai (trans. Peter Cole), Love and Selected Poems (Carcanet)
Magdalena Tulli (trans. Bill Johnston), In Red (Archipeligo Press)
Tomas Venclova, Forms of Hope: Essays (Carcanet)


Sasah Dugdale, Red House (Carcanet)
Natalia Gorbanevskaya (trans. Daniel Weissbort), Selected Poems (Carcanet) 
David Miller, Black, Grey and White: A Book of Visual Sonnets (Veer Books)
Daljit Nagra, Tippoo Sultan's Incredible White-Man-Eating Tiger Toy-Machine!!! (Faber)
Dahlia Ravikovitch (trans. Chana Bloch), The Window: New and Selected Poems (Carcanet)
Kay Ryan, Odd Blocks (Carcanet)
Umberto Saba (trans. Estelle Gilson), The Stories and Recollections of Umberto Saba (Carcanet)
Peter Scupham, Borrowed Landscapes (Carcanet)

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Leopold Haas, The Raft  (Reality Street)
Nancy Matson, Finns and Amazons (Arrowhead)


Stewart Brown, Ian McDonald (eds.), The Bowling was Superfine: West Indian Writing & West Indian Cricket (Peepal Tree Press)
George Campbell, First Poems (Peepal Tree Press)
Kwame Dawes, Wheels (Peepal Tree Press)
Neville Dawes, Fugue and Other Writings (Peepal Tree Press)
James Fenton, Poems (Faber)
Lavinia Greenlaw, The Casual Perfect (Faber)
Rita Ann Higgins, Ireland Is Changing Mother  (Bloodaxe)
Luljeta Lleshanaku, Haywire  (Bloodaxe)
Kevan Manwaring, The Immanent Moment (Awen Publications)
Michael Murphy, Collected Poems (Shoestring Press) 
Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Heavenly Questions  (Bloodaxe)
Silvio Torres-Saillant, Caribbean Poetics (Peepal Tree Press)
Matt Simpson, Collected Poems (Shoestring Press)
Ahren Warner, Confer  (Bloodaxe)



Bruce Andrews, You Can't Have Everything... Where Would You Put It! (Veer Books)
Tiffany Atkinson, Catulla et al  (Bloodaxe)
Olivia Byard, Strange Horses (Flambard Press)
Loretta Collins Klobah, The Twelve-Foot Neon Woman (Peepal Tree Press)
Timothe Donnelly, The Cloud Corporation (Picador)
Carol Ann Duffy, The Bees (Picador)
Robert Fitterman, Holocaust Museum (Veer Books)
Andrew Greig, As Though She Were Flying (Bloodaxe)
Fawzia Muradali Kane, Tante Diablesse (Waterloo Press)
Esther Morgan, Grace   (Bloodaxe)
Mario Petrucci, The Waltz in My Blood (Waterloo Press)
Jeremy Poynting (ed.), Hold Me to an Island (Peepal Tree Press) 
Jacob Sam-La Rose, Breaking Silence (Bloodaxe)
Michael Schmidt (ed.), New Poetries V (Carcanet)
Tom White, Camp (Veer Books)

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Moniza Alvi/Jules, Supervielle: Homesick for the Earth (Bloodaxe)
James Berry, A Story I Am In   (Bloodaxe)
Miljenko Jergović, (trans. Stela Tomasevic),  Mama Leone  (Archipeligo Press)
John Kinsella, Armour (Picador)
Philip Gross, Deep Field   (Bloodaxe)
Alan Halsey, Even if Only Out of (Veer Books)
Christopher Reid, Selected Poems (Faber)
Gig Ryan, Selected Poems (Bloodaxe)
Johan de Wit, Lord Howe and His Sandwich (Veer Books)


Robert Graves and Joshua Podro (ed. John Presley), The Nazarene Gospel Restored (Carcanet)
Bohumil Hrabal (trans. Stacey Knecht), Harlequin's Millions (Archipeligo Press)
Elias Khoury (trans. Marilyn Booth), As Though She Were Sleeping   (Archipeligo Press)
Carol Watts, Sun Dog (Veer Books)

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