Write better poetry with our team of established, professional poets, who will provide detailed, critical feedback on your poetry, based on your experience, skills and poetic ambitions. You may send in up to 100 lines of your poetry. The Poetry Prescription service includes:

  • an appraisal of your work and suggestions to help you develop it
  • a prescription of further reading material
  • advice on the best way to present your work
  • a current poetry competitions listing
  • a current writers' groups and retreats listing
  • a listing of current poetry magazines and their contact details
  • the latest issue of Poetry News (for non-members)

Be prepared for an honest and rigorous response.

£50 (or £40 for Poetry Society members).

Next steps:

  • Download & complete the questionnaire
  • Send the questionnaire with your poems to Contact: Paul McGrane
    Tel: 020 7420 9881
    Email: membership @ poetrysociety.org.uk - poems should be typed on 1 side of the page only and each page should carry your name & address.
  • Allow up to 6 weeks for the return of your appraisal.

Feedback on Poetry Prescription:

"'The Poetry Prescription has made me look more seriously at developing my work…The feedback was constructive and at times, brutal… like iambs to the slaughter!! But hey! I survived!! Give it a go." Chris Phillips, Stoke-on-Trent

“What I most wanted to find out was whether my inner editor coincided with an external one. It did. What was really valuable, however, was that he loved a particular line that I felt was one of those rare moment of 'authentic' poetry, that is to say, a line written from trusted instinct rather than from a mind consciously trying to have an effect. This has given me confidence to trust that impulse in future.” Tony Yates, London

"Thank you so much for my Prescription and most valuable resources also attached. My feedback is most appreciative… Almost all the comments I considered very valid. A work plan is now formulated. I had not stopped writing whilst awaiting my Prescription, but badly needed direction which I now have more clearly in mind as I develop my ideas." Jane Flint Bridgewater, Stourbridge

"…to be told you're competent but Must Try Harder is a bit of a scary challenge. I've been a hack journalist for nearly 40 years now, and trying to write truthfully, thoughtfully, and carefully is an entirely different discipline! I was a little surprised to be told to study the formal disciplines of structure, metre, rhyme etc but thinking about it, I can see the value of it and promise to be an attentive student. You can only break the rules when you know them - after all, Tracey Emin can draw really well! The practical information that comes with the prescription will be invaluable." Ted Bruning, St Neots

"I have been most encouraged by the honest and very helpful feedback and now I know which direction I'm taking and what to specifically work on. Thank you so much to my reviewer. I highly recommend this Poetry Prescription service. It was exactly what I needed!" Philippa King, Princes Risborough

"I would like to thank the poets and critiques involved in the Poetry Prescription programme. The advice and encouragement offered to me proved to be invaluable. I am planning to make this a regular virtual forum to have my new poems looked at. I believe this will act as an effective method of monitoring my progress." Shirin Razavian, London

"The comments were very much appreciated... a human touch of honesty". Etelka Marcel, Kent

"I have been really encouraged by the positive and constructive feedback from the Poetry Prescription. The detailed and concrete suggestions for improving and editing the poems has helped me fine tune them so they feel finished. I will definitely use this service again. Thank you!" Yvonne Watson, Penryn

"Many thanks for the Prescription - all I had hoped for and more. The combination of broad brush advice with the almost forensic analysis of the poems works well. In a week in which I have had a publisher agree to take a collection the advice is timely - encourages me on the one hand but reminds me that I am only in the early stages of this journey on the other!" Paul Canon Harris, Bournemouth

"Very heartening and the reader has understood what I try to achieve. The suggestions are helpful and I will incorporate the ideas." Anthony Fisher, Enfield

"It was exactly what I needed...  I devoured every detail of the critique and I felt it to be so true. I feel more positive about my writing now and strongly believe that only by receiving such closely-read criticism that I can genuinely improve. I may well, in fact I certainly will, use this service again." Sarah Stutt, Beverley

"I am delighted. This is the first time since I started writing that a professional has seen my work and it feels wonderful to be taken seriously. Please pass on my thanks to my appraiser for their scrupulous work and their refreshing honesty. I really needed this help. I feel I can now look at my work with a fresh enthusiasm. I have certainly gained invaluable knowledge from this process." Shirley Gorby, Dublin

"Just spent some time going through my Poetry Prescription. Now at least I know which way I am going... knowing that some of my work has potential has given me confidence. I have printed off all the notes and know that I shall refer to them, - often." Margaret Holbrook, Cheshire

"I'd recommend the service to anyone. The comments are very constructive and I know I will keep returning to them to help me revise my poem drafts and develop technique. The information sheets are brilliant too! I am very pleased with the service and look forward to submitting more poems for critiquing." Alison Riley, Eckington

"I would say to all poets who truly want to know what needs work in their poetry, that The Poetry Society's Prescription service is a must.  You need to be open to criticism and ready to have your treasured words pulled apart.  If you bridle easily or already think that your work is the finished article then you may not find any benefit.  If you are ready to hear what the flaws are and what can be done to rectify them, then send in your work as quickly as possible." Rod Mearing, Horley

"Thank you very much for the Prescription which was very useful, particularly on technicalities and preparation for publication." Jonathan Hill, Loughborough

"Thanks for sending me the personalised critique and the information lists from the prescription service. I'd be grateful if you would pass my thanks and appreciation to the appraiser of my work. I found the comments and suggestions extremely helpful and the encouragement was invaluable." Nick Rogers, Sheffield

"I found the criticism valid and helpful. At the same time, I received many heartwarming comments. I always welcome criticism and aim to improve and move on with my poetry. This feedback has encouraged me in this. I have a collection in the pipeline soon to be published by Indigo Dreams. I think one of my faults is always to underestimate my work. Therefore, It was a real boost to read positive feedback." Margaret Gleave, Southport

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