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If you enjoy your Poetry Society membership let us know and we'll add your feedback to this page. About 100 words would do nicely. You can contact us on membership AT OR Facebook OR Twitter.

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"Your magazine is a most exciting pleasure to read!" Karl Hoff, Berlin

Well worth the membership fee. Your mail packages are like Christmas!" Janet Jackson, Australia

"Poetry News for a chequered choice of muse, views and voices." John Hegley

"As a new member I would like to say Poetry News is very informative and the poems are a joy to read." 
Manjeet K. Birdi

"I have this very healthy addiction to the Poetry Society, an inspirational community!" Mary Gilonne, France

"I'm enjoying my new membership of the Poetry Society. Thanks for all the poetry news and inspiration." Sarah Hopkins, Cromer

"...the brilliance of its Poetry Review, which under the current editor has become a major international magazine, publishing world-class frontline poetry and constantly discovering new poets, or the equally brilliant outreach and educational work overseen by the recent director, which brings poetry to other potential outsiders. It is a testament to the society that for over a century it has combined these very different roles." Ruth Padel, The Guardian

"I just had to tell you how fantastically good the Spring 2011 edition of Poetry News is. I sat down with a coffee to look at it when it arrived this morning. 3 hours later I have read every word, emailed a friend about an article, posted on Facebook about another one, reread some Kipling and been delighted to find MacNeice (my study field) quoted on the back page. I also found a cold mug of coffee beside me! Many congratulations! I am already looking forward to the next issue. Jacky Tarleton, Exeter

"What I like most is being part of the UK’s national organisation for championing poetry." Anne Stewart, Kent

"Being a member of the Poetry Society keeps you in touch with what's going on in the poetry world: fellow members in the Stanzas, big prize winners, new publishers, events etc. And of course a regular copy of Poetry Review, one of the best magazines around. Helpful advice is always on hand, a real bonus." Joy Howard, Keighley

"What I value most about my membership is belonging to a community of writers who are passionate about reading, writing and sharing poems. Not only have I learnt so much from the poems and reviews in Poetry Review but there are always helpful and encouraging articles to reflect on and go back to in Poetry News, which has become a little treasure trove for me." Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, New Quay

"Membership of the Poetry Society has made my reading, listening and writing life richer for over 30 years. As a grass roots member, I read Poetry Review avidly. I know that for many readers, busy or on modest budgets, Poetry Review provides the only poetry they encounter. It offers a magnificent selection: British and translated poems, formal and free work, poets ranging from Nobel prizewinners to a talented nineteen-year old. As a poet, it is a privilege to have poems there.

The National Poetry Competition, run every year by The Society, is also a generous fosterer of new talent. When brown-haired, I was encouraged by winning one of its prizes; now grey-haired, I am honoured to have helped judge the thousands of entries.

On my occasional visits to London, the Society’s events, open to all, give me the chance to listen to established and new voices. At other times, its website and informal bulletins offer news, poems and encouragement.

The Poetry Society brings the best British poems to a wider audience, whether on the Internet, or hanging from the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. Run on a shoestring by a handful of patient, friendly and dedicated staff, The Poetry Society, through all the decades I have known it, has kept a window open, for all, into the world of poetry. It is quite simply irreplaceable." Alison Brackenbury, Cheltenham

"I really like to be part of a wider poetry community, in touch with people I am never likely to meet in person. Poetry News has just the right family feel about it; and the Society’s website ensures that I never miss anything important." Nina Boyd, Huddersfield

"I really like being a member because, while I may be writing away in my own corner, belonging to the society makes me feel part of something bigger - a member of a community of like-minded readers and writers. I particularly like Poetry News as it reports on what’s going on in the different regions, discusses pressing issues and encourages you to get involved. It makes poetry accessible. I look to the PS to keep up-to-date with the social and political debates surrounding poetry, and with regard to events, readings, workshops, competitions it’s a key asset – alongside the Poetry Library and certain journals – for trying to keep my finger on the pulse. Of course, there's so much going on. The PS is the poetry mothership, I guess. The PS makes / works to make poetry relevant." Paul Stephenson, London

"I particularly like receiving Poetry Review. It's by far the most consistently strong, content-rich poetry magazines in the UK, both from a critical and creative point of view. If you live outside of London and teach, as I do, for The Poetry School, it's essential to be a member, to plug yourself into this network; to share the publications and relevant information with your students, many of whom don't belong to the Poetry Society . . . yet." Alice Kavounas, Cornwall

"One of the best things, alongside the publications and news, is the chance to belong to a Stanza group. The poets in my local Stanza meet monthly to discuss poetry, share information, read work in progress and give friendly feedback. We also give ourselves the helpful nudge of a theme or form to work to for the next meeting. The competitions for members in Poetry News are also great for providing a stimulus (and a deadline!), as well as an opportunity to have work published." Emma Danes, Cambridge

"I take great delight in being a member of the Poetry Society. Writing poetry is often, by its very nature, a solitary pursuit. The Poetry Society helps to keep one in contact with the wider world of poetry and poets. It acts a focus for the like-minded (regardless of writing stature), which can be encouraging and reassuring, as well as inspirational. Without these benefits, the world for poets would be a much smaller and poorer place." Dr Robert M Jaggs-Fowler, Barton upon Humber

"Becoming a member of the Poetry Society is something everyone who writes poetry should consider: Poetry News and Poetry Review are informative, provocative and essential. But it is joining a Stanza that has been the main membership benefit to me. This Poetry Society innovation has created a national, informal, college of poets: all over the country people who have never thought of themselves as writers are reading and discussing others' work - and hearing their own efforts treated with the same respect. This has contributed to the quietly massive popularity of poetry - without the fame or fortune offered elsewhere men and women of all ages and backgrounds are writing poetry and enriching their lives." Chris Hardy, London

"Since I joined the Poetry Society this autumn, I have derived more pleasure and benefit from it than I could have imagined. Although I am not far geographically from London, it has opened my eyes to so many things on the poetry scene that I just wasn't aware of before. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Walthamstow events I've been to and am looking forward to the forthcoming ones. Ditto other things I've been to: NPD, readings, Poetry Cafe, Poetry in the Crypt. All good, all good, all so very good - wish I'd joined years sooner!" Nicky Phillips, Hertford