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from £42
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4 issues of The Poetry Review and Poetry News a year + all Membership benefits
*Concessions only available in UK. Registered Unemployed, Registered Disabled, Students or Senior Citizen Pension (60+)
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or set up an annual Direct Debit for the same price and miss the hassle of annual reminders to renew

As Full Membership but excluding The Poetry Review
Youth £15 For young people between 11 and 18 years of age. See Youth pages for full details
Schools from £40 for Primary
from £58 for Secondary
Primary and Secondary School memberships available. See Education pages for full details
The Poetry Review subscription 
£34 individuals
£50 institutions
The Poetry Review only. No membership benefits

NOTE: For CD versions of The Poetry Review and/or Poetry News - contact membership @ OR 020 7420 9881.

Paying annually by Direct Debit:

Good for the environment: Direct Debits are a form of electronic payment. You might need to fill in a bit of paper (in the guise of a mandate form) to set up the Direct Debit but, thereafter, there is no paper involved and we won't chase you to remind you to renew your membership. A nice bonus, both for you and for the Poetry Society!

Good for your pocket: Paying by Direct Debit saves you money. Full membership is only £42 / £35 if you pay by Direct Debit, compared to £47 / £37 if you send payment by cheque or card through the post or pay over the phone.

Good for your peace of mind: For those who like to budget and carefully account for every pound that you've paid, it is much easier to keep track of how much you're spending on all your bills if you are paying by Direct Debit. They will be easily identifiable as transactions on your statement and your online banking service may even offer a function of listing all your Direct Debit payments separated out from all your other payments.

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