Poetry Quizzes

Poetry quizzes

Why not set your own poetry quiz and have it published on these pages? Send it to Paul McGrane at membership(at)poetrysociety.org.uk  

Anagrams: 20 poets, old and new. Can you name them from their anagrams?

Animals Quiz: name the poet and the poem

Bird Quiz: name the poet, poem, and the bird!

Home Quiz: 50 questions on the National Poetry Day 2010 theme of 'home'

Mother and Fathers - 25 poems, name the poets

Travel Quiz: name the poet, poem, and the mode of travel (or travel-related item)!

The Poet Laureate Quiz: how much do you know about the history of the Laureate?

The Poets on Poets Quiz: name the poet and the poet they are writing about

Carol Ann Duffy Quiz - to mark Carol Ann's appearance in issue 99:2 of Poetry Review

Headlines Quiz: guess the poem from the headline

Hospitals Quiz: name the poets and the poems, plus the odd one out

Music Quiz: name the poet and the singer or musician

Last Lines: name 50 poets and their poems from the last 3 words of the last lines

Poetry Pub Quiz


Winter Quiz - name the 12 poets who wrote these lines of poetry on a 'winter' theme