Make contact through Poetry Society Stanzas

Meet other members through Stanzas - poetry groups run voluntarily by Poetry Society members. Give feedback on each other's 'poems in progress', set up a reading group, or run impromptu open mic sessions - whatever you want to do! You may even just want an excuse to have a poetic chat over a pint. There are Stanzas in most of the English counties, Wales, Scotland, France, India, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. CLICK ON THE MENU ON THE LEFT TO FIND YOUR LOCAL STANZA AND CATCH UP WITH THEIR NEWS

You have to be a Poetry Society member to be the main contact (or rep) of the group, but the other members don't have to be (although we'd like you to encourage them to be, of course!).

Download the Memorandum of Understanding of how Stanzas work for full details.























































































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