National Poetry Competition

The National Poetry Competition has been one of Britain's top single poem competitions since 1978. It is judged by a new set of judges each year, and all poems are made anonymous before they are judged. You can read the poems of all of the past winners and find out more information below.

2013: Linda France, 'Bernard and Cerinthe'
 Patricia McCarthy, 'Clothes that escaped the Great War'
Allison McVety, 'To the Lighthouse'
2010: Paul Adrian, 'Robin In Flight'
2009: Helen Dunmore, 'The Malarkey'
2008: Christopher James, 'Farewell to the Earth'
2007: Sinéad Morrissey, 'Through the Square Window' 
2006: Mike Barlow, 'The Third Wife'
2005: Melanie Drane, 'The Year the Rice-Crop Failed'
2004: Jon Sait, 'Homeland'
2003: Colette Bryce, 'The Full Indian Rope Trick'
2002: Julia Copus, 'Breaking the Rule'
2001: Beatrice Garland, 'undressing'
2000: Ian Duhig, 'The Lammas Hireling'
1999: Simon Rae, 'Believed'
1998: Caroline Carver, 'horse underwater'
1997: Neil Rollinson, 'Constellations'
1996: Ruth Padel, 'Icicles Round a Tree in Dumfriesshire'
1995: James Harpur, 'The Frame of Furnace Light'
1994: David Hart, 'The Silkies'
1993: Sam Gardiner, 'Protestant Windows'
1992: Stephen Knight, 'The Mermaid Tank'
1991: Jo Shapcott, 'Phrase Book'; John Levett, 'A Shrunken Head'
1990: Nicky Rice, 'Room Service'
1989: William Scammell, 'A World Elsewhere'
1988: Martin Reed, 'The Widow's Dream'
1987: Ian Duhig, 'Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen'
1986: Carole Satyamurti, 'Between the Lines'
1985: Jo Shapcott, 'The Surrealists' Summer Convention Came to Our City'
1984: Tony Curtis, 'The Death of Richard Beattie-Seaman in Belgian Grand Prix, 1939'
1983: Carol Ann Duffy, 'Whoever She Was'
1982: Philip Gross, 'The Ice Factory'
1981: James Berry, 'Fantasy of an African Boy'
1980: Tony Harrison, 'Timer'
1978: Medbh McGuckian, 'The Flitting'
1978: Michael Hulse, 'Dole Queue'