Poetry Hero

'Poetry Hero' is a regular feature in the Poetry Society members' magazine, Poetry News, in which leading poets are given an opportunity to celebrate their literary heroes.

In recent issues, Alison Brackenbury has written on Kipling as "poetry's Dickens, an outsider... with an unrivalled ear for sound and speech". For Jane Draycott, the Pearl Poet offers "a way of thinking about frailty, about the gap between how we might hope to live and the ways in which we often fail to do so".

Ian Pindar praises Henri Michaux's "lightness of touch and sardonic humour", while John Glenday admires Charles Wright for his espousal of "the efficacy of things unseen". Katherine Gallagher takes inspiration from the protean ingenuity and wit Gwen Harwood deployed in developing a career as a poet in a time when "there were few role models for women poets".

Portraits of the Poetry Heroes have been commissioned from young, up-and-coming illustrators, including David Sparshott (Henri Michaux and Rudyard Kipling, above) and Zoe Taylor (Gwen Harwood, centre).

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